Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Proof of Tori's :) Coolness

Presented to me by Mindi!!

My Online Twin gave me this award so I can be cool like her.
Yessssss. Klin says my blog is cooler!!

No Cool Story and Annie gave me an "E"!!
Thanks NCS!! I make Nancy's day. :)

Yvonne says that I "keep it real."
From my good friend, Annie from My Life as Annie and from TxMommy!!

Only for the obsessed...
I was spotlighted!

No Cool Story is My twin. I'm the "ugly one."

3rd out of 4 and 2 tied for 1st. Hmmm... you do the math.
Annie and Nancy think I'm Totally Fabulous!
Nancy and Gina think I'm a Wonder Woman!
Thank you Suzanne!

Thanks Kayelyn!

Thank you Annie and Tara !!

Jenny and Lauren think I ROCK!!!
Thanks Nancy, Jennie Boo and Suzanne!!
X 2!!
I make
So Grateful to be Mormon smile!

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