Saturday, April 08, 2006

"Hi. My name is Tori and I'm a carb addict."

Well, after sticking with my modified Atkins diet for 6 weeks I cheated for about a week. I kept telling myself I would "start again on Monday..." Yeah um,- that never happened. I did decide, however, that I can't live on Atkins forever anyway and I need to learn to eat better all around. I am a self-confessed "Carb Addict." Not the good carbs- I don't crave pasta and fruit. I like junk food. I love McDonald fries. I love chocolate. I love any kind of sour candy. Lately I've been hooked on banana flavored Laffy Taffy. Even when I got way skinny during my divorce (about 20 pounds liter than I am now) I was eating 4 eggrolls a day from Jack In The Box. Granted- that's ALL I was eating, but it was junk fast food!! It's been hard the past week because Isabel and Tristan both had birthday parties. I made chocolate cake and yellow cake, but it was the treat bags for their guests that got me. (That's how I got hooked on the banana Laffy Taffy.) But, now that all the parties are in the past, I have re-dedicated myself to being more healthy.
A while ago my friend gave me all the info. for Weight Watchers points system. She even made me a cute little points counter. (Thanks again, Keri!!) I've printed out points info. online also. I even found an activity points calculator online that shows me how many points my exercise is worth. (I also found the formula for calculating that so I can do it myself.) I've decided to follow their system- modified of course. :) I like it because I'm not actually having to count calories or anything. I can eat whatever I want- in moderation. THAT is the key. I'm a big eater. (Good thing I married into a Polynesian family. It's all about the food.) I LOVE eating, but it's never a good thing to sit down and eat a whole bag of ANYTHING. Even "fat free" candy- man, it has a ton of calories once you realize there's like 5 servings in a bag!! I ate a bag of sour gummy lizards the other day and then I realized I had just consumed 740 calories in 10 minutes. So, I've decided when I do buy snacks like chips or Twizzler bites I'm going to separate them into serving sizes right away. That way I can eat chips, but after the baggy is gone then that's it for the day. I thought this would be hard, but it really hasn't been so bad. I did really good the one day I've done it. :) I started yesterday and consumed 23.5 points, but I earned 4 points by the 70 minutes of exercise I did (25 on the treadmill and 45 step/interval workout at the church.) So, technically I ate 19.5 points. The booklet I have says for my body size I should eat 20 points or less. When I looked at the list of foods I ate I was proud of myself. Frozen waffles, a banana (in place of the Laffy Taffy), graham crackers, raisins, rigatoni and a salad with shrimp... I think the dressing on my salad carried one of the biggest points amounts. The best part was that I didn't feel hungry when I went to bed. I need to work on water consumption because at this point the only water I drink is when I brush my teeth. I did better yesterday by drinking 2 water bottles, but I know I need more. If I drink more I won't feel hungry. Although, when I wanted a snack I ate 2 graham crackers. I like graham crackers and 2 are only worth 1 point. They helped when I was craving junk- which is all the time. :)
Anyway- we'll see how long I last this way. If I try really hard to eat the right things and the right amounts it should become easier and not seem so much like a "diet." I'm thinking if I can eat really well 6 times a week, then I can cheat one day. That's probably not the best way to start a diet- by planning on when I can cheat- but WW even says you can save up your points for a special treat. I don't even have to cheat every week, but occasionally would be nice. My special treat will be chips and salsa from Chili's. I haven't had any since before I gave birth to Liv. Those chips and a dvd are considered my husband's and my "date nite." I miss our date nites. Eating a boiled egg or an apple while watching cuddling up with a dvd just isn't the same...

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Gina said...

Amen to all that. I am guilty of the same addiction. I crave healthy, but I don't want to make anything that is healthy. I need to concentrate better on this cuz if I don't, Liam will suffer. Ahg.