Thursday, April 27, 2006

Kids are awesome :)

Kids are awesome. They really are. Today I have been pretty busy at home. My mom is coming to Utah tomorrow, so I was trying to make the house look like I run a tight ship. So, I was attempting to make bedrooms look organized, bathrooms smell clean and kitchen seem stocked. She knows the truth, so I'm not too stressed. But anyway- I was also trying to squeeze in a run on the treadmill, get bills paid, etc... Oh- I was suppose to call Robin so we could hang out in the backyard. (Sorry Robin! I got sidetracked and I just now remembered! I'm sorry!) While I was busy doing whatever, poor Tajy was being babysat by The Backyardigans and Dora the Explorer. It was while I was online paying bills that I heard him talking to someone.
"Can I have a turn?"
"Can we share please?"
I realized that he was the only one participating in the conversation, so I no longer was freaking out. But, I wanted to see what he was up to. This is what I found:

In case you're wondering what he's doing- this is his train. He made it out of Liv's diapers. The animals were the ones talking to each other- asking to share the diaper or to take a turn. It was so stinkin' cute that I decided the bills could wait and I got out the video camera. I thought his choice of location was funny. He set up right at the top of the stairs in front of my bedroom, the upstairs bath and Liv's/computer room. I guess that way he knew I was close by, so was Dora and most importantly, the potty was close by. (He's basically potty trained now. Woo hoo!!) Anyway I just think kids are so cool. They think of the neatest things to entertain themselves with. (See Katie's blog) and they talk about the funniest things. Which leads me to my next story...
Driving with Alec yesterday he starts asking about my little brother on his mission. Alec wanted to know where and who he lived with. I told him Walker lives in an apartment with his mission companion. Then out of no where he says, "I wonder if he still wears boxers?!" Huh? On the same day he was telling me how he was so excited to have a locker when he was in high school because he was going to make his "cool like Jimmy Neutron's" and have a thing that slides out with all his Pokemon cards on it. Too cute!


Tara said...

So cute! I love listening to Jayden and Jaxon playing together. They say the funniest things and come up with the most complex storylines. It's amazing what their little brains come up with! What's even more amazing is how something like a pretzel or a lego or a broken pencil can suddenly take on a life of it's own - walking, talking, falling off cliffs, etc. The first time I was exposed to this phenomenon was when you had just moved to Utah and I remember Alec (I think he was 4?)hanging out in our living room and making Jayden's stacking stars walk, talk, and fight. I remember thinking that was so funny and that he must have a good imagination. Who knew ALL inanimate objects could come to life in little hands?!?

Gina said...

This is the cutest post! Love the photos! They truely are worth a thousand words... adorable! Congrats on the potty training, Taj!!!

~j. said...

Good for you for taking a minute to write it all down.

Robin said...

Awesome, kids crack me up. It is so good you are getting this in writing. I especially love the diaper train.