Thursday, April 06, 2006

My baby is 11!!!

Today we celebrated the 11th birthday of my son, Tristan. He had his party at a laser tag arena and it was a blast!!!! I came in 3rd out of 12- not bad for an old lady against a bunch of 5th graders. :) I can't believe Tristan is 11. I can still vividly remember so many things from when he was little. He was such a blabber mouth at a young age. At 16 months he spoke in sentences. It was kinda weird... He was such a busy baby. He crawled at 6 months. He got bored with that and started taking steps at about 7 1/2 months. He was full on walking by 8 1/2 months.
He's an awesome older brother and somewhat mature for his age. I think that comes with being the oldest child. From the time I had Alec, Tristan has been the busybody, older sibling, yet very protective. He was only 19 months old when he became an big brother, so all these little brothers and sisters are no big deal for him. I think he sees himself as the 3rd parent in the house. When I found out I was pregnant with Liv I was a little nervous to see Tristan's reaction to yet another baby. I remember when my parents told my 2 sisters and me that they were going to have a baby. My older sister got really MAD and stormed out of the room!!! What the heck? I was stoked! (Of course, I had been praying for a baby brother and I still take partial credit for him being here.) So, I was prepared for a similar reaction from Tristan. I couldn't have been more wrong. He was so excited!! And he was the most excited out of all the kids when I gave birth to her. He went running around the playground at school informing his friends that he had a new baby sister. Too sweet!! He can be a teaser to his younger brothers and sisters, but when it comes to a body guard- he is the best! Once a kid was messing with Alec at school and Tristan flipped the kid over onto the ground. When he told me he had to serve a lunch detention I was a little upset- until Alec told me why. I was honestly proud of Tristan. He's the kind of older brother I hoped he would be. A funny story- once at a McDonald's an older boy kept pushing Alec on the playground. Tristan (who was 6 at the time) was upset and came to ask me if he could help Alec. I told him if the boy was mean to Alec again that yes, he could help him. That poor kid... he came up and pushed Alec and here comes Tristan ready to kick some butt. He pushed the boy against the playground equipment and held him there with his forearm across the kid's chest. He was saying something to him and just staring at him. I was very impressed. But then I noticed other parents were looking at me like, "Aren't you gonna stop your bully??" so I said, "Tristan, that's enough." The other boy didn't mess with Alec again and I was the proud mom of a "playground bully."
He's a private kid and keeps to himself. He's content to have just a few good friends- much like me. You can tell when things happen he holds back on expressing what he really feels. He internalizes everything. Sometimes I wish I could open up his head to see what he's really thinking. He's also just a really good kid. Teachers always tell me how he is so kind to everyone and is helpful and respectful. You know, as a parent you can hope that they live the way you try to teach them, but hearing from someone outside your family what a great kid you have is the best feeling. I remember once I was out of town at my grandma's funeral. I took Isabel with me because she was a baby, but I left the boys home. I had sitters lined up to help, but my (now ex) husband decided to leave them with his mom- something I would NEVER have done. Well, come to find out she put some cartoons on that I did not allow the boys to watch. She told me that Tristan stood up and changed the channel. Then he told her, "We don't watch bad cartoons like that one." I was SO proud!!! I wasn't there. I wouldn't have known if he watched it. But he chose to follow what I had taught him. RAD!
Tristan is very athletic. He is on a club soccer team right now. He played city league up until last Fall when a coach scouted him out and asked him to play for his team. He has to potential to really excel in any sport he chooses to play. He is a fast learner and very intense. It makes me think of my older sister. Remember in my Marcia post how I said she was more serious about sports early on? That's Tristan. He likes to play basketball (Yea!!) and can be seen outside our house shooting hoops. He also plays Elimination at recess with his buddies at school. He very quick- which comes in handy with most any sport.
Tristan is so helpful at home. I appreciate him so much and I hope I show him that. When I need someone to hold Liv for a few minutes (or more) he's the 1st to volunteer. He makes this funny noise that she loves and can make her smile just by looking at her. He sacrifices a lot being the oldest child, including giving up things to make the younger kids happy. Not to mention he's the guinea pig. Sei and I have to experiment on him with discipline, etc... Poor kid. :) He's so loving and isn't embarrassed (yet) when I come to the school and see him on the playground. He always runs over to say hi.

He's just awesome. That's all there is to it. He's the kind of kid other kid's parents want their kid to hang out with. I can still picture the day he was born. It was a freakin' long labor (29 hours) and he had the pointy-est conehead. I could have dipped it in ink and written a letter with his poor head!! Looking back- he was not a cute newborn, but I thought he was beautiful. He brought me so much joy. He gave my life meaning. And he still does both of those things. I love him so much and I am so proud of him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRISTAN!!!


Gina said...

beautiful post! I can tell he is a well-mannered and thoughtful person... introverted, but so intelligent. Yes, you are a blessed mom to have him!

Anonymous said...

From ali
Cone-HEAD? Now that is funny. But I know is sweet, we were like brother and sister.