Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My Jack-o-lantern

Alec is a walking jack-o-lantern. I mean, his teeth look like a jack-o-lantern. He lost his top, front tooth LAST MAY and has yet to grow back another tooth in it's place. Our dentist assures us that there is a permanent tooth in there- it just hasn't decided to come out of the gum yet. It's the funniest thing. And to make it worse- he's lost a couple of more teeth on the top. We tell him every nite, "Alec go brush your tooth and get ready for bed." He's such a spaz anyway that he can get away with having funky teeth. He has the goofiest laugh that we all love and he tells the silliest jokes. Sei has started calling him "Kip" from Napoleon Dynamite. "Everyone knows I'm training to be a cage fighter..." I'm not sure why, but it's funny. Alec has the biggest imagination. I'll be driving with Alec in the car and he'll start on some story, "Mom, wouldn't it be funny if..." And it is funny because I'm thinking, "How the heck did you come up with that??" Taj reminds me of Alec- a lot. Mainly because they both bounce off the walls. When Alec was little I remember him running around the living room and then stopping long enough to try to pick up the entertainment center. What the..??? Once, when he was 5, he called 9-1-1. He told the operator he was trying to call his dad at work!! (Makes sense I guess- his dad's a cop.) Then he proceeded to tell her about a kid at his preschool biting his Nerf football. When 911 called me back I had no idea what was going on. The operator said, "Your son said something about Harley getting hurt by a football..." and I said, "No, Harley bit his football, at school." She had to cancel the squad car she had sent to our apartment.

Alec is a total love bug. He's huggy and kissy. He must get that from Sei, because I'm not like that. He'll be standing by me in the line at Walmart and just start rubbing my arm. "Mom, I love you." So sweet. He cries when he's watching movies, like E.T. or something equally as touching. He watched King Kong the other day and was upset when King Kong died. THAT he did get from me. At the end of every school year each grade in Alec's school performs a dance. It's like the big thing that all the kids look forward to. Last year Alec did his dance to a couple of songs from the movie Tarzan. They started out doing sign language to "You'll Be In My Heart." When they said that line, "You'll be in my heart. Yes, you'll be in my heart..." Alec pointed to me when he said "you." I started crying. It was the sweetest thing!!
Alec is athletic and really enjoys flag football. He still talks about scoring an 80 yard touchdown from last season. (They were only playing on a 40 yard field, but whatever.) He likes soccer too and is doing really well this season. He listens when someone is trying to teach him something. Like, for example, I taught him how to shoot a basketball correctly. He listened and then practiced and practiced. He has a nice little shot now. :) He's not only good at sports, he's smart. Every teacher he has ever had has just raved on and on about what a great student he is and how everyone wants to be his friend. He's one of those kids that excel without really trying. Sei and I were getting irritated because Alec would forget his spelling homework everyday. But then he scores a 100% plus bonus points on every test. I can't even use my parent's line they used on me, "Now think how well you would have done if you had actually studied??" because he scored more than 100%! He also is so friendly and has a heart big enough to love a ton of friends. I also label him "Most likely to be kidnapped" out of all my children because he is SO friendly and SO respectful. I fear he'd be afraid of being rude by telling an adult "No- I can't help you look for your dog." Hopefully he would use his Power Ranger moves that he practices whenever and wherever! He's a lot like my little brother was. I remember taking Walker to Six Flags and he was beating up imaginary bad guys while we were waiting in line for the Shockwave. That is SO Alec!! :)
Alec is just awesome and I know if I can keep him from being the warped 2nd child that he will do great things in life. He does have a little rebellious streak, but nothing major... yet. He talks about going to BYU and serving a mission in Sweden, I think. Or maybe it's Brazil now. I don't know. I would prefer somewhere closer and safer, like Pocatello, Idaho or Spanish Fork, Utah... :)


~j. said...

Wait - King Kong DIES?!? Great. Now I don't even want to see it.

I remember you telling me about that 9-1-1 call. So funny.

PS - do your kids go to SSV?

Tori :) said...

Yeah- and the boat sinks on Titanic.
They don't go to SSV. They go to FES.

Gina said...

LOL - you must be sisters! Too bad my sister isn't savvy enough to use the blog I set up for her! I would make the coolest comments, just like you two!

Alec is a doll! You got some good looking kids all around, Tori!

Tori :) said...

Jenny is actually an old neighbor from when I 1st moved to Utah. She, my sister and I all lived in a little 6 plex. We used to all sit outside watching our kids play. Good times...