Monday, April 10, 2006

The never-ending debate

From the beginning of time I believe the same debate has been taking place among families, friends, strangers in the grocery store check-out line, etc... "Adam, I really think Abel looks like me." says Eve. "I disagree Eve. He clearly has my bone structure." argues Adam. "No- he has your bad hairline..."
And the same conversation has taken place in my family. My immediate family doesn't really dwell on who looks like who. All the grandchildren are beautiful, so obviously they have our good genes. :) When Taj was born I just about went crazy with people telling me how he looked just like Sei's twins. Yes- he resembles Karlea, but that's because Karlea looks like Sei. (Note to everyone: No one wants to hear that their child looks like the children their husband had with another woman. Guys don't really care- women do.) But- he didn't look like the twins baby pictures- at all. He looked like Sei's baby pictures- "Spacebaby" head and all. Now as he grows he still clearly has Sei's lips and eyes, but when people say that his blonde hair must come from his uncle (Sei's brother) I have to say something. (Sorry Stephen!!) I am taking SOLE CREDIT for his thick, blonde hair and his white skin. :)

Me at 14 months
(AKA "A Blonde Isabel")


Katie said...

Let's see some of the kids' baby pictures so we can fawn over how much they look like you!

Robin said...

Darling pic. I have been reading your blogs but always seem to get interupted before I can comment. I am learning tons about you Tori. I need to have you guys over soon!

Tori :) said...

I should- only they don't really look like me except for Isabel. Alec favors me, I guess. Tristan doesn't- although I see my dad in him. Liv is a mix- have to wait and see. Taj is a mix, but only I see it. :) I'll see what I can do. I know you'll be waiting breathlessly... ;)

Tori :) said...

That sounds fun!! We should have y'all over too. Tucker would love the trampoline, I bet. :) Maybe we could bbq sometime this week?! Sei needs to get to know some people in the ward. Are y'all moving? That's what I heard... :(

JC said...

Holy crap what happenend?!