Sunday, April 09, 2006

"That's my family Kay. It's not me." (The Godfather)

The Family in Texas

This is Alexandra, or Ali as we call her. She's my almost-12-year-old little sister. She's actually only 11 1/2 months older than Tristan. :) She is shy and quiet for the most part, but has a silly sense of humor. She cracks me up sometimes- like when she prank called my husband! (He SOOO deserved it! He teases her all the time!) She loves horses and has a nice bball shot. She started middle school this year which totally stresses me out! She has learned to crochet or something like that (I get all the crafty, sewing type things all mixed up) and made some cute beanies and a blanket for Liv. (See the picture at the bottom.) Ali and Tristan have always been close ever since she was 1 yr old and thought she was his babysitter. Too cute! When she was little she had the wildest, curly hair. I can still picture her when she was 3 and I was babysitting. She woke up in the middle of the nite, came running out of her room with wild hair and wild eyes crying, "Tori?! Where IS you??" I'm here Ali- always.

This is my handsome father, Tony. He came to Utah for Liv's blessing when she was 11 days old. I think the last time he had been to Utah was for Taj's blessing in Oct. 2003. That's cool- I prefer to go to Texas to see him. :) My dad is a big guy- 6'3" and whatever weight goes with that which would resemble "big" - BIG not fat. He was an All-American basketball player and played ball at the University of North Texas (North Texas State Univ. when he played there)- which is how we ended up in the great state of Texas. Thanks Dad. :) He has a good sense of humor- even though sometimes I'm the only one that laughs. For example- he told me the words to "More Than A Woman"by the BeeGees were "Bald headed woman. Bald headed woman to me..." Funny Dad. (I believed him for years- like 20.) He's full of weird facts that I think he learns on the Discovery and History Channels. (I think it's interesting Dad!) He married a woman 35(?) years ago who even I seem tall next to, so none of my siblings are tall. I'm hoping somehow my kids get a little bit of his height. Otherwise, they're kinda out of luck.

This is my mom Kay- the short lady I mentioned in the preceding paragraph. She flew up to Utah the day after Liv was born. What a blessing having her here was! I felt like I had been hit by a truck and my mom took care of everything. She cooked. She cleaned. She sewed (For real- she hemmed Isabel's pants.) She also helped Tristan with his award-winning science fair project. I love when she comes up, not just because she cleans all the weird things I don't like cleaning, like the laundry room or the outside of the crock pot, but because she's a great grandma (Great as in "awesome." Her oldest grandkid is 11, so she's not a great-grandma yet.) She's goofy and fun and the kind of grandma I want to be. The kids love her!! She is short and petite and cute. I always say I wish she'd get fat so I don't have to try to be thin as I get older. I don't think that'll ever happen because she still teaches aerobics, takes yoga, takes a ballroom dancing class and does Tae Bo in my bedroom when she's visiting.

This is my younger brother, Walker or as I like to refer to him as "Woogie." I'm not sure where that nickname came from, but I've called him it for as long as I can remember. He pretends to be embarrassed by it, but I know he secretly loves it. This is from his Christmas card that he sent out in 2005. He is currently serving an LDS mission in the Nevada- Las Vegas West mission. I had the opportunity to take him to the MTC (Missionary Training Center) in October. It was so neat and I am so thankful for that experience. Ya know how I said he's a movie quote nerd and so am I? Well, the last thing he said to me before going out the missionary exit at the MTC was: "Welp, see ya later..." It's from Dumb and Dumber. "Big Gulps, huh? (uncomfortable silence) Welp, see ya later." I love my Woogs. I am the one, after all, that got him here. I prayed forever for a little brother. I even offered to have him myself until I learned how all that worked (eewww!! I was only like 9 years old) so I left it up to my parents and my prayers. Eventually I was told by God or someone working for Him that my mom was already pregnant so stop bugging Him. I promptly informed my mom, before she told us. (It may have been even before she knew... I can't remember.) 9 months later my baby brother was born. :)

This pic was taken yesterday with Liv's new blanket. Liv has just started grabbing for things and when I gave her the blanket her Aunt Ali made her, she held on with a death grip! Thanks Ali!! I also like this picture because I think Liv kinda resembles my dad in it. I'm not sure why, but that's who I see. Maybe she resembles Ali as a baby- Ali looks like my dad. I don't know, but a couple of people have said she looks like her granddad and sometimes I totally see it! I'll have to look at baby picture of Ali next to one of Liv to compare.

** These pictures do not represent my entire immediate family. I have a sister, Tara, in Kansas. You can read her husband's blog by clicking on the "JC's blog" link. There are some cute pics of my nephews on his blog. I've written some about that sister in my Marcia! Marcia! Marcia! post. I also have a younger sister, Nicole, who died in August 1997. I'll write about her and Tara another day with some fun(ny) memories. :)


Tara said...

Liv totally looks like Ali as a baby in that picture.

Tori :) said...

When I look at her I think of that picture of Ali when she was like 3 months old holding that little bunny. The big one that hangs (or was hanging) in Dad and Mom's hallway. That'll be weird if she ends up totally looking like Ali because I don't think I look like Ali at all or like Dad. Just goes to show that genes can show up whereever and whenever, I guess.

Gina said...

K, I looked at that pic of Ali and thought, "who is this girl? she looks just like Taj!"

Tori :) said...

See- and that's funny because everyone says Taj looks just like Sei. Funny how it really depends on who's looking at the person. I think Liv is a good mix of both her parents. Taj leans towards Sei, but I have pics of me where he looks just like me. Liam is def. YOU- no question.

Anonymous said...

From Ali regarding Tori's baby pic:
"That looks like Taj wearing a dress!"