Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Tori Tidbits

I decided to give a few tid bits about myself. 26 to be exact- each one beginning with each letter of the alphabet. (Harder than I thought it would be.)

A - Anna is my 1st legal name.
B - Brady Bunch - I have seen and can quote every episode and tell you some stupid trivia from each one. I also beat a "Brady Bunch" whiz on the radio. I stumped him with Brady Bunch trivia. YEAH!!!
C - Canada was my 1st trip out of the country- to meet Sei's girls and ex-wife. Cozumel was my next time out of the country. I liked it a lot better than Canada. I like to make fun of Canada, eh.
D - Denver, Co. I was born here, but got back to Texas as fast as I could (like in less than 2 years.) I was conceived in Texas, so it's all good.
E - Eternal senior. I have over 100 hours of college credit and have for years. Eventually one day I will graduate...
F - Frogs. One summer I had 2-3 "pet" tadpoles that I grew into frogs.
G - Goldfish. I won a $10 gift certificate in a coloring contest at a pet store and bought 2 goldfish, bowl, etc... with my winnings.
H - Harrison Ford is my favorite actor. I used to be able to name every single movie he was ever in. It's better than counting sheep. #1 - Dead Heat on a Merry-go-round...
I - Ice, Ice Baby. I can still rap this entire song word for word. If I think about it I can probably remember some of the dance moves from the video.
J - Jack in the Box is my favorite fast food place. They don't have any up here. There's one in Pocatello, Idaho and one in St. George. :(
K - Kissed Donnie Wahlberg from New Kids on the Block (see "N")
L - Left feet. I have 2 of them and can not dance, but I am well-coordinated other than dancing.
M - Movie quote nerd- as I've made obvious in previous posts.
N - New Kids on the Block. I used to be obsessed with NKOTB and my bedroom walls were covered in pictures of them. "N" could also be for No Doubt- another group I really like.
O - Orange is my favorite color- because no one ever picks orange. Growing up when I'd play the game of Life with my sisters I always picked the orange car. It was the reject car.
P - Pizza Hut waitress was my job growing up for over 2 years.
Q - Quite shy. A lot of people think I'm really out-going, but that's only after I am TOTALLY comfortable in a situation.
R - Random bruises. I always have brusies on me I can't explain.
S - Sour candy is my weakness.
T - Texas. 'Nuff said.
U - Umbilical hernia aka an "outie" belly button. I had one until I had surgery when I was 5.
V - Victoria is my middle name- hence the nickname "Tori." Don't call me Vicki.
W - "Walking Beauty" - my grandpa called me this when I was little.
X - Xrays you ask? Why, yes. I have had xrays taken- but I've never had a broken bone.
Y - Young mom. I have 5 kids that I actually gave birth too and I will be 30 next month.
Z - "Z only 1" - I actually lived by a guy that had this for his license plate. LOSER!!


Katie said...

Okay, "Z Only 1" is hilarious. And I think I knew about Anna from when they read you in at church. I would love to see you dance to "Ice, Ice Baby".

~j. said...

This is a great idea, Tori. Did you come up with it yourself, or did you get the idea from elsewhere?

Tori :) said...

I stole the tidbits idea from my friend's blog (Robin.) I made up the ABC thing.

Tara said...

I didn't know you stumped a Brady Bunch whiz on the radio. With what factoid? I also don't remember you raising frogs from tadpoles. I should do one of these about you of random things I remember....

Tori :) said...

I asked the guy what constellation Jan was looking for when she lost the locket from her secret admirer. That was like before I had Tristan. I got tadpoles from some guy at church when Grandma was watching us while Mom and Dad were gone somewhere. I kept them all summer.
You should! I'd like to see what you remember.

Gina said...

K, this was AWESOME! I am learning so much about you. Now, can you talk like a robot? My RobinRobot is leaving you know...

Can I steal this list idea from you?

Gina said...

PS: I have the bruise problem too. Ian is always like, "what happened there?" and usually I say, "I have NO idea!" Granted there are the clutz bruises (bi-weekly) too and I definitely know where they came from.

Robin said...

Your tidbits are way better and more creative than mine, I'll have to do another one at some point, I like the alphabet idea! You are pretty cool!

Robin said...

You kissed one of the New Kids! Wow! I hugged the bass player from MXPX at the warped tour in '98. If you don't know that band I guess you're just not punk like me.

Tori :) said...

Robin: Yes- I kissed Donnie when I was in the 8th grade. I was a total dork, crying and saying "I LOVE YOU!!" So NOT how I planned it. I recognize MXPX, but I can't think of any of their songs. I had almost 3 kids in 98. I wasn't cool like I am now. I've improved myself since then.

Tori :) said...

Feel free to copy away!!

Anonymous said...

your blog is hilarious!! you have quite the sense of humor. and i was glad to see your appreciation of the brady bunch. i can't quote all the episodes, but i am definitely a big fan!

Jamie said...

Great intro of yourself. I am a true Texas girl myself!

Nobody said...

I understand so much better the Texas pride stuff now...

When I was dating my husband, I gave him the autobiography of Robert Van Winkle. He read it in one sitting. It's HILARIOUS. Needless to say, he too knows all the lyrics to Ice Ice Baby.

I love the name Anna.

I was a Pizza Hut waitress too. How come we didn't get any $10K tips?!

.. Dallas Meow >^^ said...


Corrine said...

Howdy Y'all,

I am from Texas too!

anyway my roommates and I loved to reenact (sp) the brady bunch episode where marsha gets the broken nose, by the flying football, yeah we were pretty cool like that!