Sunday, April 30, 2006

White girls can't rap.

This is a rap that my sister, Tara, and I wrote on the back of a McDonald's tray cover on the drive home after a family vacation to Las Vegas. Why I can remember it word for word- I'm not sure. We were a couple of hormonal teenagers. We met 2 guys in Vegas that were pretty cool. We hung out with them some and then we got in trouble for getting back to our condo a little late. We were supposedly grounded for a very long time. At the end of our vacation my dad said, "You are grounded for 2 days. But since we were in the car 2 days, you're not grounded anymore." Thanks Dad! Yes- I realize it is the dorkiest rap ever. But it has very deep meaning behind it... ;)
MJB Downs- The Rap
Walking by, saw eye to eye
Yo Sly, you're lookin' kinda fly.
Saw no win with the other men,
So, on our manhunt we began again.
Scammin', slammin' by the Circus Downs
2 steps up is where you were found.
You look dope, but a dope I'm not.
We're talkin' hot- that's when the scopin' stopped.
Say, "Word up?" and a "How ya doin'?"
We both knew it was time to get movin'.
2 feet in and no hands jumpin'.
Hormones are flowin' and the hearts are pumpin'.
2 days over, growin' closer.
Could tell now you were a poser- not.
You played it cool.
Followed the rules.
Should I stop?
Nah- cool.
We were rockin'
But the parents were clockin'.
There was no stoppin' - us.
Boys were terminal, tryin' to hide the mood.
But still they tried to bust a move.
They went for the X but they got an O.
Lil' did they know we wanted mo'.
Tryin' to chill- arriving late.
Scared to meet with a worser fate.
Parents in a fuss, wantin' to cuss.
Said goodbyes were a definite must.
No showin'- just blowin' off the trust.
Smashin', crashin' our hopes to dust.
The end friend of this happenin' rhyme
Is time too short spent to the prime.
Cuz the power of the booty works everytime.
Man. Word. Peace ya' old chump.


Katie said...

Oh my gosh, Tori, I am laughing so hard. You should totally record that and play it when your kids bring friends to the house!

Anonymous said...

i think that is definitely something to save for posterity. perhaps you should go into business...

Robin said...

you frickin crack me up, I am glad you weren't too embarrassed to share this with the world cause it's pretty stinkin funny.

Tori :) said...

After the Ashley Parker Angel post or admiting I have a Neil Diamond cd in my van,I figured I didn't have much to lose by sharing this. :)

Tara said...

This rap rocks! Why you remember it word for word, I don't know. Can you remember the camp one? ;-)

Tori :) said...

I can remember part of the France one. "Our ocuntry is France. The land of romance. Where underneath the moonlite you might take a chance. Frenchmen are so charming. They'll mess with your mind. But you know french kissing is where we draw the line!" Remember they made us change the last line to "But NO french kissing! That's where we draw the line!"

Anonymous said...

your husband is going to be such a great eq secretary. tyler thought so too.

~j. said...

2 friends and I wrote a rap for girls camp one year...I only remember a few lines. I could only WISH they were as good as:

"Should I stop? -Nah, cool."


"Peace ya' old chump."


Nettie said...

How great to grow up with a sister who was also your rapping pal and partner it crime. And what a great memory!

Johnny Doe said...

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Tori :) said...

Looks like you could use some blogger templates on your own blog there Johnny-boy.