Wednesday, May 10, 2006

"Brain Twins"

That's the term Robin used to describe us. She wrote a post on her blog today that pretty much matches the one I'm posting tonite. I had written on it last nite and saved it to my drafts. Then I read her's this morning. Scary...

I posted a week or so ago a list of the cds in my van. They were all different genres and time eras. I think the reason my taste is so diverse is because of the music I was raised listening to. My mom was/is an aerobic instructor, so she always had the latest, hippest music like "Pac Man Fever" and the Flashdance soundtrack. I loved listening to her collection of music!! But it wasn't the awesome 80's music she had that was my favorite. I loved to pull out her huge collection of 45s (the little records that have one song on each side) and jam it up!! I remember making my Barbie dolls dance to "What's New Pussycat?" by Tom Jones and "Little Red Riding Hood." (I can't remember who sung that.) yEAH- my Barbies were cool. I loved "Angel of the Morning." I sung the words wrong at the time "Just call me angel of the morning angel. Just pick my teeth before you leave me, baby!" I loved my parents 4 record Motown collection. My faves were "Heard It Thru the Grapevine," "Mr. Postman" and "War." I was a strange little girl. I used to call the oldies radio station and request "Young Girl" by Gary Puckett and the Union Gap. I have their greatest hits cd, by the way. But my all-time favorite oldies group is definitely The Guess Who. Man, they rock. When I was about 11 people would ask what my favorite song was & I would answer, "These Eyes by The Guess Who." I'm sure I surprised a few people and confused a lot more. I remember singing along to that song while I was waiting in line for popcorn at the movies. This man said, "I bet you don't know who sings this." I answered, "The Guess Who" (with a 'like DUH!!' attitude). I think he thought I was weird. I think HE was weird.
I still surprise Seiuli when I start singing along with songs on the oldies station or in a store. He bought me The Guess Who Greatest Hits cd after I started singing along to "Laughing" in the car:

"I should laugh. But I cry. Because your love, has passed me by. You took me by surprise. I didn't realize that you were laughing..."
"You actually know the words to this song??? Weirdo."

We walked into Joe's Crabshack the other day and "Smiling Faces" by Marvin Gaye was playing. I start singing along "Smiling faces. Sometimes, pretend to be your friend..." Sei just looked at me. That song came on right after War, if I remember correctly. I know it was the album with the yellow middle...
And of course it was my parents who introduced me to Kenny Rogers and Neil Diamond. My sister and I used to dance to Diamond's "Love on the Rocks" in the living room. We were so cool!! And I think I did a speech when I was campaigning for "Munchkinland" president in 6th grade to "America." I didn't win. (Gee- I wonder why?!) Anyway- I am thankful for the musical diversity my parents helped instill in me. I try to do my best to pass it on to my children, which is why everytime we get in the car they yell, "Put on Def Leppard!!" (Hey- Leppard is "oldies" to them!!) My kids are so cool. :)


Nettie said...

You sound like my husband. I am always amazed at the songs he knows words to! One of my favorite dates was a night he sang me about a dozen Neil Diamond songs.
He has us listening to everything from bluegrass to big band to big hair band. Its so fun!

Tara said...

Don't forget:
Annie soundtrack - "It's a Hard Knock Life" reinactmentin the back of Dad's truck

Oak Ridge Boys - "Elvira! Oom bop a oom bop a oom bop a mau mau!" a favorite on trips to Grandma's

Mickey - "Oh Mickey you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind! Hey Mickey!"

Sweet Pea - "Oh, Sweet Pea, won't you be my girl? Won't ya, won't ya, won't ya be my girl?"

Mousercise - "gotta get the cookie! gotta get the cookie!"

Mary Poppins - "I love to laugh! Ha ha ha ha!" jumping on the bed

Strawberry Shortcake – “to the bottom of the seeeeaaaaaa!!!!”


Robin said...

You reminded me of even more songs that I love. I feel like running out and buying The Four Seasons or something. Oldies rule, so do brain twins.

Katie said...

Def Leppard was the first cd I ever bought. Totally not oldies. ;)

Tori :) said...
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Tori :) said...

Sister- It's "Get the money. Gotta get the money. Get the money. Uncle Scrooge's money..." Not cookie. ;)
I totally forgot about Sweet Pea!! "I went to a dance last Saturday nite. Saw a girl there. She was outta sight. I asked the guys with me who she could be. They said that her friends all call her Sweet Pea."
**Don't forget Chipmunk Rock!!

Robin- I know. I could have gone on and on!! I'll burn you a copy of my oldies mix. Maybe you'll like it. Thanks for Chicago! Did you get my email?

Katie- My parents were probably saying "Hey! The Guess Who is totally not oldies!!"

Nettie- Tell your hubby that Neil Diamond ROCKS!!

Nettie said...

Tori, I tagged you! (see my blog for details)