Monday, May 22, 2006

How my kids got their names...

Gina wrote a post today about how her parents chose her name. I thought it would be neat to tell how I chose each of my children's names. Some stories are more exciting than others. I'll start with the oldest.

Tristan Walker
I had a hard time coming up with his name. He was my 1st and I didn't want to screw him up with a bad name or later regret the name I gave him. (Good thing I didn't name him after his biological father, eh?) Anyway- a few weeks before I was due the movie Legends of the Fall came out. I was watching a movie review show and they showed a short clip to Legends. It was the part where Julie Ormond meets Brad Pitt for the 1st time. She said, "So this is Tristan?" Then it cuts to Brad Pitt. Ok, right when I heard that name, "Tristan", I KNEW it would be the name of my son. And then when I saw Brad Pitt I was wishing he was the father. Holy hottie! Anyway- that's how I got Tristan. Walker is my little brother's name, but I didn't decide to use his name until I was in labor, walking the halls and my mom said, "What about Walker? Walker would think that's so cool if you used his name." Um, (shrug shoulders) ok.

Alec Anthony
Alec is a name I think I started liking shortly after I had Tristan. I was watching this Lifetime movie on TV called "Love on the Run" and it starred Alec Baldwin. He was a convict and he fell in love with his attorney. She helped him escape hence the name "Love on the Run." Anyway- I think I thought Alec Baldwin was cute in that movie and I decided I liked his name. Since I used a family name with Tristan, I figured I should use one for Alec. I almost used Jackson, but when I heard the name Alec Jackson I could only think of the country singer, Alan Jackson. So, no. My dad's name is Anthony (Tony) and my little brother's middle name is Anthony. It was also my grandma's maiden name. So, Alec Anthony is was.

Isabel Nicole
I knew what Isabel's middle name would be long before I had decided her 1st. My sister, Nicole, died in Aug. 1997 on BYU campus from a heart attack (She had a history of heart disease, but her death was a total shock.) She was 18. I knew I wanted to use her name for my daughter. My 1st name is Anna named for my great-grandma Anna Isabel. I thought it would be neat to use Isabel for the 1st name to connect her to me and her great-great grandma. I also think Isabel Nicole is a really beautiful name. She loves telling people that her middle name is her aunt's name. What's funny is I didn't even think about the fact that Isabel is the name of the girl Tristan marries on Legends of the Fall. I don't like the names Alfred or One Stab, so I'm probably thru with Legends names. Oh- I forgot. One of the other names I had on my list for Isabel was "Carli." Ok- that would have been weird. Sei has a daughter named Karlea- the same age as Isabel.

Taj Hannemann-Wright
Long, I know. Add his last name to it and he sounds like a law firm! We chose the middle name(s) because before we were even married Sei told me when he had a son he wanted to use Hannemann as the middle name. Hannemann is his mom's maiden name and a highly recognized and respected name on the islands. Being naive and in love I agreed. Taj came from Surfer Magazine- for real. Sei is a surfer and since we're stuck in the middle of Utah he reads this magazine to depress himself, I guess. Anyway- I was flipping thru it and there was an article on the 3rd ranked Aussie surfer Taj Burrow. Right when I read "Taj" outloud Sei and I looked at each other and said, "That's a cool name..." So, Taj is was. I wasn't thrilled about Taj Hannemann though because there was no family name from my side and as I told Sei, "He already gets your last name!!" So, we compromised. I wanted my maiden name in there somehow. We decided to hyphenate it so there is only one middle initial. It's long, but with a short 1st name I don't think it's bad.

Liv Alexandra Manaia
Ok, the name Liv has an interesting story behind it. When I was trying to conceive I used to post on this iVillage message board. There was one poster on the board that would give "readings" if you will to women letting them know when she felt they would conceive. I thought it would be fun so I asked her for a reading jsut for the heck of it. Ok- she said I would conceive in my 3rd cycle. (Yep.) It would be a girl. (Yep.) and she saw a name beginning with an "L" or the name "Elle." I had totally forgotten about that part because at the time I knew we wouldn't use "Elle" because Sei's good friend's daughter is named that. And I couldn't think of an "L" name I liked. So, fast forward a few months... I wanted to use Maili or Cali. Ok- Sei's cousin stole Maili and Cali- well, I had issues with it. I love the name, but Sei's twins are Kelsea and Karlea. Kelsea, Karlea, Cali and Isabel? "Hi, all his biological daughter's names start with the "K" sound." I don't think so. Then we thought about Shay- but I would spell it Shei to honor Sei. This would have gone along with our surfer theme- surfer Shay Lopez is where I got it from. But then Liv just kept popping up over and over again. I decided I really liked Liv. I knew we were going to use Alexandra- my little sister's name. So, we had the name: Liv Alexandra, so I thought. Then after I give birth Sei called his mom and his aunt answered the phone. Sei's aunts (all of them) are really pushy and all up in your business. She started reaming Sei for not using a Samoan name and how he should think of one to "honor his grandmother." Ok, his grandma and about 80% of his female cousins are named Irene. Not gonna happen. So, Sei asked his mom for some ideas and if we liked any we might use it. He came to me with a list of names. I didn't want to use any because I was bugged with his aunt for acting like she had a say to begin with. (We already had issues before this. Don't get me started.) Anyway- Manaia was the prettiest name and it means "Pretty" so I thought was appropriate because Liv is a beauty! We didn't hyphenate it, so it's really just kinda stuck in there. I like the name, I just don't like how it came about... Anyway- back to the psychic lady on iVillage. A few days after I had Liv I was deleting old emails and I came across her "reading." That's when I read the "L" name part. HOLY CRAP!! That was a trip to read. The lady nailed it on every point. Crazy!

Welp- that's how my children got their names. My name as I said is actually Anna Victoria. I know Anna was my great-grandma's name, but I don't think Victoria is a family name. I love my name. I think it's beautiful, but I can't imagine going by Anna or Victoria. "Tori" definitely suits my personality, I think. I guess my parents knew that. That's why they called me Tori. Such smart parents!!


Katie said...

Cool post! I have lots of fun ideas to steal from you and Robin. ;)

~j. said...

Yeah, really good idea for a post. Again.

I love hearing about how people get their names.

Robin said...

I think you haven chosen beautiful names for your children. It's fun to see where they came from.

Nettie said...

What a fun thing to read about! It is always interesting to follow the thought process behind naming. I think your kids have great names. And it doesn't surprise me that some of them are related to movies!

s--max said...

Great names for great kids! :-)
I can't imagine you going by anything but "Tori." To this day, when I think of you, or talk about you w/someone, (good of course) I automatically think "Tori Wright" even though that hasn't been your "real" name in forever.