Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Nothing to report...

Not a lot has been going on around here, but I thought of a couple of things that I might want to remember when I'm old and gray. (Ok- just old. Let's face it- I'll never be gray!)

Today Taj was dressed and ready to go run errands. Next thing I know he's butt naked running around the house. When I asked him where his clothes were, he answered "I'm cleaning them." ??? I found them in the bathtub soaking wet. The floor was soaking wet. The toilet was soaking wet. Apparently he had "cleaned" his clothes in the toilet.

Liv laughed today. I could only get her to do it the one time, but she did a definite laugh. She's always smiling and happy, but hearing her giggle was great! I'm always sad that Sei misses these firsts when he's at work.

And totally off the subject of children: I got my Ashley Parker Angel cd today!! Woo hoo! And- it was on sale at Wal-mart for $7.88. Can't beat that... legally anyway. ;)


Katie said...

Taj--what a crack-up!

And about Sei missing Liv's firsts: I used to get really upset that Josh was missing Alli's firsts, too, then I decided that it was just as cool for him the first time he saw it as it was for me the first time I saw it. So instead of being sad about it, I'd keep mum about it for a few days to see if he could catch her doing it. When he did, and thought it was her first time, he'd get so excited that it was worth keeping my mouth shut, as hard as it was.

Gina said...

Oh Katie, that is really sweet.

Tori, great memories... and yes, great deal on the cd.

Nettie said...

That is so funny about Taj! At least his intentions were to be helpful! (And I only wish I'd never be gray!)