Monday, March 26, 2007

2 for Togetherness Tag

I was tagged a long time ago and I can't even remember who tagged me. This was saved in my drafts folder... so I thought I should post it. :)

Welcome to Tori :)'s Two for Togetherness Tag (say that fast 5 times...)

2 things you compliment your husband on while in his presence:
1. His butt and his kissy lips. :)
2. He's an awesome dad and husband!

2 compliments you make about your spouse to your friends about your spouse:
1. He spoils me rotten!
2. He can
play the piano beautifully!

2 traits you married him for:
1. Kindness & Honesty & hard working.
2. Spirituality & Trustworthy & thoughtful. (Ok- that's six but if you put the word "&" is counts as one.)

2 Days you cherished the most with your husband being together:
When our babies were born.

2. Our wedding day. (Holy crap- look how skinny I was!!)

2 Material things you could give your husband if you just inherited a fortune:
1. Whatever kind of surfboard he wants.
2. A private jet with a pilot to take him whereever he wants to surf whenever he wants to surf. As long as I can come too...

2 things you would miss the most if he left for two weeks:
1. Laying on his chest at nite.
2. Him grabbing my butt everytime I bend over. (I act bugged, but if he didn't do it I would think something was wrong!!)

2 thoughts that crossed your mind when you first met/saw your spouse.
1. "Holy crap- he's like 4'4"!" (I was looking thru a peephole and he was on a stepdown.)
2. "Is he gonna say something or just stand there??"

2 favorite dates:
Movie in the back of the truck at Squaw Peak
2. Just chillin' at home with a dvd and chips from Chilis

2 funny odd things you love:
1. The faces he makes without knowing it. Like when he sniffs his nose... Taj sniffs his the same way.
2. The way he gets more excited about kidstuff than the kids.

2 two places you have lived with your spouse:
1. A 3 bedroom apartment in Utah
2. A 4 bedroom house in Utah

2 favorite Vacations:
1. Week long Carribean cruise!!
2. California without the kids

Stepherz, Robin, Toni and Swampbaby I tag you... Or ya know what- if you're reading this consider yourself "tagged."


Suzanne said...

Great Tag! I just can't stop talking about how cute you guys are together! :D

Amanda said...

Fun meme! I agree with Suzanne, you guys are really cute together. That is funny about the butt grabbing thing. Mine does the same thing. My husband trully believes that what's mine is his, including my body. ;)

Toni said...

That so sweet! Makes me wanna go kiss my hubby!

Uh, girlie- you ARE still skinny! Remember we have all seen you do DDR!

Tori :) said...

Toni- you're tagged too. I thought I put you on there! Sorry! So, you don't have time to go kiss your hubby. You have a post to write.

No Cool Story said...

AWW, what a sweet meme :D
You are SO dang CUTE. He's a great piano player, a spolier of Toris, a great dad, an awesome date, kind, honest...You did great girl!

Kayelyn said...

I love Al's tushy, too. I'll have to tell ya a story about a party Shauna did just before all y'all moved into the 'hood.

Tori :) said...

Was that the Valentines day one where we had to list our favorite body part on our hubbys?? I had "butt" listed 1st but then decided on his lips because I didn't want to bring attention to his butt. hee hee! I'm such the jealous wife!

Lauren said...

such a cute post!! I wish I would participate in the tag, but unfortunately, Im not married.