Friday, May 12, 2006

Where were you when...

Ok, there are a lot of events in history that people say you'll "never forget where you were at or what you were doing" when they happened. I'm too young (even though I'm freakin' 30 now!!) to remember some and not even born for others. But there are a few events that it's true- I totally remember where I was when I heard the news. Some are obviously more important events than others, but nevertheless... Here's what I remember, and I'm curious to hear where you were when:

The Challenger Exploded Jan. 28, 1986: I was in the 4th grade- Mrs. Warner's class. She came in our classroom crying and told us that the Challenger had just exploded. I remember thinking, "What the heck is the Challenger??" I was a little slow I guess. When I got home from school my dad had newspapers for my sister and I to look at so we could understand better what happened.

Oklahoma City Federal Bldg. bombing: I was sitting in my living room with Tristan. He was just 2 weeks old. I was watching TV when the news broke in to tell about the bombing. I was a little confused at 1st- as was everyone. But I remember when they said the bomb was directly under a daycare center in the building I started crying uncontrollably. I couldn't believe someone could be so cruel. My little sister, Ali, turned one on April 20, 1995- the day after the bombing. I see that photo of the firefighter carrying out the little girl (Her name was Bailey.) and I can't help but think of my sister. Bailey had turned one on April 18th. :(

O.J. Simpson white Bronco low speed chase: I was working as a waitress at a restarant (Magic Time Machine.) The entire waitstaff was watching the chase on TV in the kitchen. It was a fun atmosphere where we were paid to be loud and obnoxious and celebrities would visit occasionally. When we got back to work we realized Tony Dorsett of the Dallas Cowboys was there with his family. His waiter yelled from across the floor "Hey! It's O.J. Simpson!!" I don't think Mr. Dorsett thought it was funny. BTW- I served Tony Dorsett his baked potato. I think that was more memorable to me than the stupid chase.

O.J. Simpson verdict Oct. 3, 1995: Let me start by saying that I was annoyed and irritated with the whole O.J. trial because it was on TV all the time during General Hospital. (My addiction at the time. I've since outgrown it and moved on to bigger and better things like Ashley Parker Angel.) Anyway- the verdict came on when I was home alone. I was SO MAD!! They freakin' take over my soap with this freakin' trial and then the jury was too dumb to find him guilty???!!!! AAAAGGGGHHHHHH!!! @#%$^%@@!$$*

9/11/2001: This happened a little over a month after I moved to Utah and 3 days before my scheduled elopement. (Is that a word?) I lived next door to my sister at the time. I was busy getting Tristan ready for school. My sister called and told me to turn on the TV. I turned it on in time to see the 2nd plane fly into the WTC. I was stunned. I was confused. What the heck just happened??? Sei was in the police academy at the time and I was text messaging him every couple of minutes with updates. I also sent him the message: "I better be sealed to you before the 2nd coming." I just remember feeling so confused and shocked for the entire day. Then all the airports were closed and I was worried we weren't going to be able to get married (We were flying to Vegas!!) I wanted so badly to be married to Seiuli. That's all I could think of. The feeling became even more intense after the 9/11 tragedy. This world is scary. This life is scary. I wanted to be with my soulmate. I wanted to be his wife. I was scared something was going to happen to us before we were married. It's like 9/11 took away all feelings security. We got married Sept. 14. When we were in Vegas we noticed that there was a makeshift memorial in front of the New York-New York casino. It made me truly proud to be an American.

They caught Saddam! Dec.13, 2003: Sei was on nite shift. He came home in the morning and woke me up to tell me they had caught the man made of pure evil. Awesome. I said, "Nu-uh!" and Sei said, "Yep. They did. For real." Nice... They may not have found WofMD, but this man (not really a man, but for lack of a better word...) IS a weapon of mass destruction. How many people did he kill? And why were people complaining that he wasn't who we were after? He wasn't Osama Bin Laden. So? Saddam is a horrible person. He's evil. Our military rocks for finding him hiding "like a rat." How appropriate.

May 1, 2006: I went about my day as usual- wearing red, white and blue. My kids all wore USA flag shirts. I avoided running over a few kids that stayed home from school in our neighborhood. Gee- you really proved a point by skipping FREE PUBLIC SCHOOL. No one even remembers the big deal about this day although I did notice Cafe Rio was closed.

** Let me know where you were on these dates or remind me of other events I failed to mention. :) **


~j. said...

9/11/01 - Living downstairs from you. A few weeks away from having Emma. My biggest personal tragedy that morning, before realizing what was going on, was that Rae had a Kix stuck in her nose. (Got it out, lesson learned, whathaveyou.) I was so upset watching the coverage that I had to turn the tv off (couldn't upset the pregnancy, you know...), and by the time I had gotten out of the shower, the first tower had fallen. I remember being outside in the front yard/pathetic play area and telling someone (I thought it was Tara, but maybe not) about what had happened; Kerri already knew, but someone didn't, and didn't believe me at first. Kerri said that the KSL guy had lamented, "This is a day that will go down in history: September 12th, 2001." Right.

O.J. verdict: During my nanny stint, and Megan (the mom) and I were desperately trying to keep the 3 kids quiet so that we could hear it. As soon as they said, 'not guilty', Megan screamed, "HOLY SH*T!!!!" I felt shock and disbelief...almost as much as I did on Wednesday night,.

Tori :) said...

Jenny- I remember talking to you and Kerri in the front "yard" about the picture on the cover of Time magazine where you could actually see people falling/jumping out of the building.

~j. said...

OH - I just thought of another.

When Rae was 6 days old I was a friend's escort when she went to the temple. While getting instruction, the temple worker said to my friend, "The temple is a place where we can go to escape the evils and sadnesses of the world...and after what's just happened, we need that place of solace." I nodded, but I had NO IDEA what she was talking about. Since I had had Rae, I had been on this RIDICULOUS kick of "I'm not going to watch tv, especially the news, in front of my baby because I'm a good mom." That whole time in the temple, I wondered what the temple worker could have been talking about, and when I got home, I turned on the tv and realized that if I'm going to be a good mom, I need to know what's going on in the world.

What was it that had just happened?


Tara said...

The Challenger - Sixth grade class. Remember Mrs. Morrison coming in with a sad look and telling us. The only thing I remember was the news showing it over and over and over and over again and me thinking I would hate to be in their families and have to watch that.

OK bldg - don't remember what I was doing. I do remember that picture, though.

OJ Chase - Mom called and asked if I was watching the TV and I wasn't. Flipped it on - saw a boring chase - turned it off.

OJ verdict - In England. I remember seeing one of their newspaper booths that always had the headlines written really big on paper hanging on the outside that said, "OJ NOT GUILTY!" I remember standing there in shock.

9/11 - Feeding Jayden breakfast (he was almost a year old). JC called from Atlanta (he was out of town on business and suppose to fly back that day) and asked if I was watching TV. I turned it on and don't think I turned it off again. The first tower fell shortly after I turned it on while I was on the phone with him. I just kept saying, "How is this happening in this country?!" He was stuck in Atlanta until that Friday night. I could write an entire blog on that day and the feelings surrounding it.

Saddam - I think I read it on Yahoo news. I just remember thinking, "Good riddance!"

May 1st - Asked my Mexican husband if he wanted to skip work that day ;-)Just did my normal thing. Don't remember seeing anything out of the ordinary around here.

Other dates -

Jessica McClure (?) falling in the well and her rescue - you had an entire collection of newspapers from it all. That was around the time that "Dear Mr. Jesus" song came out and you were obsessed with it.

The Berlin Wall coming down - I just remember Dad saying "history is happening right in front of you and you're not even watching".

The first time newspapers had color pictures in them - (Denton Record Chronicle had a beach scene with seagulls).

When Elvis died - I came home off the bus from kindergarten or first grade(?)and you told me Elvis died and I said, "Who's Elvis?".

The Gulf War began - I was at a Youth and Government conference in Austin at a dance when they announced it. They made everyone hold hands in a circle while they played "Wind Beneath My Wings." Gay.

Tara said...

Oh yeah! That was the other one I meant to write. Columbine - happened on Ali's 3rd birthday, I think it was. I was visiting in TX. I was obsessed with watching it and would run out and participate in the partying then run back in to watch more.

Katie said...

I was in high school when when the Columbine tragedy happened. It was really scary. I remember being afraid to go to school the next day because I knew there would be copy-cat shootings (and there were). I also remember sitting in the hall the next day, looking at everyone--especially the kids that we all thought were losers--and thinking, "What if those two kids had someone who cared about them outside their families?"

Tori :) said...

I honestly can't remember where I was during Columbine, although I do remember watching it. I may have been at Ali's bday also!
Jessica McClure- how could I forget her? I watched it everyday at school and they finally got her out of the well ALIVE at Naomi Denney's slumber party for her 12th bday. So that would have been April 1988. I still remember that song "Dear Mr. Jesus." I was (am) a weirdo.
Elvis... I was really young!! He rocked.

Nettie said...

Challenger- I was in high school choir. They announced it to the school by not telling us what happened, but by dubbing in news commentary over the intercom. The commentors talked forever about how awful something was and how things were going to be different. We all thought Nuclear War!

9/11- We were racing to get the kids out the door to school when my mom called upset. I turned on the tv, saw what was happening and left for the school. Got back just in time to see the second tower fall. That image willbe burned in my memory.

The others I don't remember the details. (You have an impressive memory!) I do remember the riots after the Rodney King trial verdict. I was alone in my apartment hoping my husband who had riden his motorcycle to work in the "bad" part of town would make it home safely.