Monday, June 26, 2006

Brain Freeze = Journal Jar

I'm pulling a subject from the ole' journal jar today. It asks: "What was your favorite tv show growing up?" This is an easy one for me. The Brady Bunch hands down. I watched it everyday without fail and sometimes a few times a day. I'm a total Brady nerd. Sei called me the other day while I was in Texas. This is how our conversation went:

Him: "Hey babe. I have a Brady question for you."
Me: "Um, ok." (Starting to feel a little nervous. Will I be stumped this time??)
Him: "What is the mom's full name?"
Me: "Carol Martin Tyler. No, wait. Carol Tyler Martin."
Him: (Sat there thinking "Is my wife THAT big of a loser??) "Um. No. You're missing a name."
Me: "Carol Tyler Martin Brady?"
Him: "No!! Ha ha! I got you!! It's Carol ANN Brady."
Me: "I've never heard the Ann part."
Him: (Continues to gloat in his "victory.")
Me: "Babe? You know I knew a lot more than you were expecting."
Him: "I know. You're a nerd."
Me: "I know."

Yeah- I am a nerd. I stumped a fellow Brady nerd on the radio with this question: "What constellation was Jan looking at when she lost her secret admirer locket??"Any takers?? Man, that was a proud moment. I've had a few proud moments in my life that revolve around knowing useless trivia. For example:In an
earlier post I asked for help on a movie scene my sister and I couldn't remember. Eventually I got an answer and when I saw what Scott Weinberg had listed as the movie I was stoked. It was The Lady In White. Why was I stoked you ask??? Because the nite after I posted the scene, I sent a text message to my sister that said "Is it Lady in White??" I never heard back from her so I thought I must be wrong. Actually- she had never received the text, her box was full. I even looked to see if my parents had the movie so I could watch the opening scene. They didn't. So, when I saw I had been right WOO HOO! I felt cool. Loser, I know. Another time was when my husband and I went on a cruise. We played a game with a large group of people called "Name that TV Tune." They played short clips of TV songs and each team had to write down what show the tune went with. Our team had the nerdiest man, his young daughter, my husband and me. We were actually doing pretty good. There were 22 tunes to hear. The very last one started and I immediately knew what it was. It was 21 Jumpstreet. Ahh.... Johnny Depp at his best. I watched that show religiously with Tara. Anyway- I told my team the answer. Here's the part that makes me so proud: When the teams were revealing their answers it came down to the final tune because our team was tied with another. Well- OUR team won because NO ONE else in that room of 100+ people knew 21 Jumpstreet. Yeah- I rock.
Anyway- this post got way off the subject of The Brady Bunch!! My point was I loved the show. I still like it. I went to see the play "The Music Man" just because Barry Williams (aka "Greg Brady") was starring in it. I watch "My Fair Brady" on MTV to see Chris Knight (aka "Peter Brady") - he's kinda a jerk by the way. So, there ya go. That's my favorite show growing up. I could probably also say Little House on the Prairie but I'm gonna stick with TBB for now.

**Oh yeah- Shauna if you're reading this, I remember the goat's name. It was RAQUEL. I don't know why we both were thinkin' it started with a "c."


Katie said...

I don't know what you're talking about for sure, but a goat named Raquel is all right by me.

s--max said...

Yeah, you are definitely a NERD!!!
ha ha For the record though...
1.) Little House on the Prairie rocked!
2.) I for sure would have known 21 Jumpstreet too! I loved that show. First taste of dreamy Johnny... :-)

Nettie said...

I am amazed you can remember stuff like that. Remind me never to play trivial pursuit with you!

Stephanie said...

Little House was my all time favorite.

Yes, you are a Brady nerd. LOL!