Friday, June 16, 2006

The Evolution of Me: Part 2 "The Mutation"

4th thru 7th grade
Ok, The Evolution of Me: Part one had the cute pictures. This is where it all starts goin' downhill. Stop laughing- big purple glasses were SO COOL in the 80's!! (But then again, so were tight rolled jeans and big bangs.) Oh- funny story: See how short my hair is in the 6th grade? Well, I ran in the YMCA track meet that year. In the mile race I was kickin' some serious butt. Like lapping the other girls- and most of the guys. I crossed the finish line and they handed me a pink 6th place ribbon. I had finished 6th out of everyone in the meet. Then like 5 minutes later people start cheering and I see a little girl in a black leotard cross the finish line. They hand her a blue 1st place ribbon. They thought she was the 1st girl!! I had finished 6th overall and I was really the 1st girl. My mom and I went and told the judges. They gave me a new 1st place ribbon to go with my 6th overall ribbon, but they never told that other black leotard girl that she was actually the 2nd girl and like freakin' WAY behind me! They also only listed the top 6 in the newspaper- not the 1st, 2nd and 3rd for each gender. Still a little bugged about that... Anyway- moral of the story- if you have short, sweaty hair, no make up and no boobs people are gonna think you're a boy!>
4th grade- before I got glasses

5th grade - about 10 yrs old

6th grade - not quite 12 yrs old

7th grade - 12 yrs

End of 7th grade- 13 yrs old


Tara said...

OH Sister! Thanks for the laugh:-)Want to know something funny? I don't even remember you wearing those purple glasses. P.S. You better not post any of MY groovy pictures. The cool hair I have in your 4 year old pic is enough.

Anonymous said...

i like the lasers they used in your seventh grade pictures. weren't you afraid of getting cut up or burned by them?

s--max said...

Okay, I thought the first pics were funny, but I am rolling w/these.... ha ha Micah got a kick out of them too. YOU R 2 CUTE!!!!

s--max said...

Okay - at least you're brave enough to post your pics. I wouldn't dare.

Tori :) said...

Stacy- Gee, I wonder why Virgil didn't like me?!

Katie said...

I love the big button earrings in your 7th grade picture. My 5th grade picture has some exactly like them! And the pattern on your fifth grade shirt??? Oh my gosh, I am surprised I can see the screen to type at all!

Gina said...

I can't stop laughing! The story about you being a boy and then the glasses! Sorry, I just can't get over how funny that is!!! Thanks for sharing these precious years of your life... great blogging material for sure!

You obviously have a scanner... can I have you scan some oldies like this for me so I can do a funny post?

Tori :) said...

Gina- Sure! Just bring me what you want scanned and I'll get to it. But only if you make me a Taggie. ;)

Stephanie said...

I would have been bugged too. My mom calls these years of mine "the top dog years" all gangly and akward with teeth too big for my head. My dd is heading into them. I can't wait to see who she will be on the other side.

No Cool Story said...

You are such a liar! :)
Your pictures are so much better than mine :P

And yes, big purple glasses were SO COOL! We rocked Tori!