Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Evolution of Me: Part 3 "An Uphill Battle"

8th grade - High school
Well, here we are. Getting thru high school was an uphill battle for me in the looks department and academics, behavioral and emotional departments as well. I'm not one of those people that look back on high school as a great experience and wish I could go back. That would be a big "Hell no! You can't make me!!" The happiest I have ever been in my life is the here and now, definitely. I mean, I had a great childhood but from about age 15 and up sucked big time. Mostly because of my own choices, but not totally. I met my ex-husband the end of my sophmore year, so that says a lot... I went to an alternative high school the last half of my senior year and LOVED it. I was in school 1/2 a day and I worked at my own pace. I earned a year's worth of credits in 4 months. That is how school should be. I wasn't forced to sit in a room and listen to a teacher continue to teach about diagramming sentences for 6 weeks straight- something I had figured out the 1st day. Enough about that. Man, I miss my curly hair. My hair got straighter with every baby I've given birth to. They all have beautiful wavy hair.

8th grade - 13 yrs

End of 8th grade- cheer tryouts for 9th grade cheerleader. I made it and cheered for football season, but quit so I could play a more important sport. See below.

9th grade b-ball pic

Sophmore in high school - 15 yrs old

Jr. Year in high school - 16 yrs old

I couldn't find a senior year picture, but this is from my admittance button the GRAD NIGHT party. CLASS of '94.


s--max said...

It wasn't ALL horrible, was it? I mean, there was.............. me.

I still have my Grad Night button, too. What kind of nerds are we?!

Katie said...

You're totally hot, Tori!

Tori :) said...

Stacy- We didn't hang out that much in h.s. though. :( We hung out all of jr. high and our sophmore year. Then when we were both preggers with our kids we started hanging out again. What happened in between there?? Maybe if I had been around you more in h.s. I wouldn't have been such an idiot!!
Katie- Whatever! But thanks anyway.

Tori :) said...

Oh- Stacy what was the name of the guy we saw at the Flying Tomato? Remember we walked there from the Ox Roast?? Jason something??

s--max said...

Yeah, his name was Jason. I don't remember his last name. His buddy was Yancy..... ha ha ha

Gina said...

Man, what a HOTTIE! Such a drastic change from the previous post... WOW!!!! Did I mention you are HOT?

I am so jealous that you were a cheer leader! You SO have the body for that! I was so tall and lanky... I looked like an idiot trying out!

Tori :) said...

Gina- I was only a cheerleader my freshman year and quit half way thru the year. We couldn't play sports and cheer, so I chose bball over cheer. It was fun, but I didn't get into the whole "Oh my gosh! I'm a cheerleader!" thing. It's just not me.

Stephanie said...

You really are beautiful. I have NO coordination whatsoever. I am so jealous that you could participate in sports.