Wednesday, June 21, 2006

"I am in mourning." (Dances with Wolves)

Let's all have a moment of silence for my Dallas Mavericks who lost the NBA finals last nite in game six 95-92 to the Miami Heat.

Now, a movie quote in honor of Dirk Nowitzki #41:

Dirk (totally excited): "Could you sign this? It's for my niece."
Calvin: "Sure Dirk. What's her name?"
Dirk (kinda embarrassed): "Uhh... Dirk."
(Like Mike)


Nettie said...

My condolences. I'm not much of a follower of sports, but living surrounded by those who are, I sense the gravity of your situation.

By the way, I loved seeing your evolution pictures! I wanted little more in the 80's than to have full curly hair like yours.

Anonymous said...

Two words: "Uhhh... Shaq!!!"

Tori :) said...

Anonymous- Shaq couldn't make a free throw if his life depended on it. And he's gettin' paid how much??? At least Dirk (also 7 ft. tall) can bring the ball down the court, shoot from the outside & is 90% from the line AND can speak clear, correct English even though he's from Germany. What's Shaq's excuse?
(Babe- I know that last comment was you.)

s--max said...

You tell 'em Tori!!!! :-)

Stephanie said...

You have my condolences.