Thursday, June 08, 2006

>>> WARNING >>> Mushy Post Ahead >>>

Well, I have now been away from my sweet husband for a week. :( I remember the 1st time we were apart. He had gone up to Canada with his dad to see the twins for their birthday. I had come down to Texas for Thanksgiving. Originally we were suppose to be apart for about 12 days. Instead Sei found a cheap ticket and flew down after 8 days. I remember I felt so lost without him here. Such a newlywed. Such a dork.
Well, apparently I'm still a dork and the honeymoon's not over because I MISS MY HUSBAND!!! Whaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! He's just so awesome. Growing up I never had a problem getting boyfriends. (Well, except for 6th - 8th grade as I already mentioned in another post.) But I was - I'm gonna use the "S" and the "F" word here- FREAKIN' STUPID! Ugh. When I think back I could just kick myself over and over. I always went for the jerks. When I had a nice boyfriend I would dump him because I felt "smothered." I remember this one guy my sophmore year gave me roses and a locket for Valentine's day and I was so annoyed. I just kept thinking, "Quit being so nice to me!!" I'm positive a major part of that was my lack of any self-esteem. I would dump the nice guys and persue the jerks. Being the rebel I am I think I did it also to bug my parents. If they seemed to like a guy even a little he was out. I even went as far as to marry a loser just to prove I would. At least I can say I was young & dumb- I had no business getting married. Anyway- it took 5 years of loser guys and a failed marriage to wake me up and make me realize that I may actually DESERVE a nice guy!! And then I met Sei.
Ok- he's the epitome of a nice guy. He never smoked. He never drank. He never "sat in a parked car with a boy." Oh- wait... Just kidding- that's from Back to the Future if you didn't catch the quote. He didn't make out with chicks (until after his mission.) Or guys. (Hey- you never know. After all, he IS from California...) He played soccer & surfed & threw water balloons at cars. He also treats his mom really good (sometimes a little too good, but whatever...) All this AND he's a heterosexual AND willing to marry a single mom with 3 kids. Yes! What more could I ask for?? He's an excellent husband. He always puts my feelings 1st and if it even seems like he's not going to put my feelings 1st he is able to interpret my many faces and realize he would be wise to put my feelings first. ;) He knows me so well and amazingly still loves me! He is so funny. And sweet and sensitive and has admitted he likes the Mavericks. (Cross over to the darkside babe!!) I am just so blessed. I just wish he had been there with me from the beginning rather than both of us taking the scenic route to find each other. But once we did it was so familiar and obvious to both of us that we knew each other before. We realize that we have something that so many people never find or experience in their lifetime. We were both married before and neither of our previous marriages were anything like ours together. We know what we have is special and we don't take it for granted.
Anyway- this is gettin' way too mushy for me. Sei is better at mushy stuff. We always laugh at birthday cards we receive from our families. His parents always write long, mushy "God be with you til we meet again" type stuff and mine send cards with a redneck sticking his butt thru a sunroof on a truck and saying it's a full moon!! So, needless to say I'm not real articulate with feelings. ;) I love my husband. I love my family and I am so happy I will be back with my "dear, sweet Seiuli" (that's a quote from a card from his parents) in just 4 days. :) Love you babe!!


Gina said...

That is such a sweet post! Jealous? YES!

JC said...

What!?!? Likes the Mavericks? Fair Weather fan.

Nettie said...

Awwwww! That's so romantic! I'm sure having had the bad experiences helps you appreciate each other all the more.

s--max said...

Awwww......That's sweet. Just for the record, he got an amazing mother/wife too!
It was so good to see you last night. I had a great time. Love ya!

Tori :) said...

JC- Oh, he's still a Lakers fan, but in the finals he's for the Mavs. I'm proud of him for admitting it since they're playin' Shaq. ;)

Stacy- I had fun too!! As usual...

Gina & Nettie - I'm a big bawl baby!!