Friday, July 21, 2006

"God is TESTING US!!" (What movie?)

Tonite Sei and I were in a car wreck. Yes- we are all ok. It was in our 2005 van. We had Liv and Taj with us. The other kids were at home because we were just gonna be gone maybe an hour. We were gonna drive by some homes for sale since our rent will be increasing (along with Sei's child support) in the near future. We missed the house we were looking for, so Sei turned onto a street and was turning left into a driveway so he could turn around. He didn't turn on his blinker, but we had barely turned onto this street so he didn't realize someone had turned in (rather closely) behind us. He started to turn into the driveway and the guy swerved to the left rather than slowing down like a normal driver would or swerving to the right since we were turning left. He rammed into a left front fender and the whole front fender fell off except for a little part hanging on. The guy jumps out of his car (which had a scratch down the right side now) and stands there with his hands up in the air yelling, "What the F&#K were you thinkin' Man?!?!" I got out to keep Sei from getting in a fight and the guy keeps cussing at us and yelling. Then he walks over to his car and yells "F^#K!!!" really loud. Sei just ignored him and called the cops. I stared at the guy like he's retarded and said, "We're all fine I think. I'm gonna check on my babies." His face was like, "Crap." He got all nice, "Oh, you have kids in there? Are they ok?" I just wanted to say "Shut up you freakin' butthole and go kick your car some more." He told the cop we were bustin' a U and he was trying to avoid us. Again- why would he swerve left instead of right or since we were in front of him, why didn't he stop? Anyway- the cop didn't assign fault to anyone. He didn't issue a ticket for no signal because that would look like it was our fault. He knows that how the guy swerved didn't make sense, but since Sei didn't use a signal it can kinda be justified or whatever. Oh- get this, the guy tried to say something like "I guess I won't go help my elder's quorem president (from church) tonite." while the cop was standing there. Yeah- the same guy dressed in a wife beater and baggy shorts yelling "F#&K!!" at us and his car. Sei should have accidently handed the cop his temple recommend instead of his license. Whatever. Hopefully since the cop didn't find fault our own insurances will cover us. The guy also tried to say his neck hurt. R U KIDDING ME!??? WE are the ones that full on got hit and thrown all sideways. Our van was pushed like 10-15 feet. Besides- if his neck is gonna hurt it'll hurt tomorrow. I have a feeling I'm gonna be stiff. Speaking of feelings... Right before we got hit. Like seconds before, right when Sei started turning I SAW US being hit. I totally saw it. It was like "Raven" on That's So Raven. (Yes- the Disney Channel show. She has visions of the future.) It was weird. And then it actually happened. It was so strange. I'm just so glad he didn't T-bone us. He could have full on hit Sei or Taj. I am thankful for the fact that no one was hurt, but freak! Can we have anymore financial crap hit us all at once?? Child support and rent increase and now this all in the last 3 days. We need to move to a state that has lottery.

Thanks again Wendi for the ride home!!!

The movie quote is from Pollyanna.


Robin said...

Scary! Idiot! Well, I am glad everyone is okay and the idiot turned the wrong way, good luck finding a house. Let me know how it goes.

s--max said...

Okay, first of all, so glad you're all okay. That is so scary, even when it's not a bad accident. Then for the other guy to act like that. What a jerk!! That's exactly how the guy that hit me in May acted. (By the way, both insurance companies found him at fault, so they paid for my truck to be fixed!)
# 2 - Things will get better financially. It always seems to work out. Hang in there.
#3 - Hello?! TEXAS has a state lottery!!!!

Katie said...

Oh, Tori! I'm so sorry it's pouring on you guys right now. I'm so glad you're all safe.

The Turvilles are going to be selling ASAP, so let me know if you're interested. I'll call them before they get a realtor involved.

Tori :) said...

Thanks Y'all. We did get one bit of good news today. The guy's insurance is the same as ours (Allstate) so they waive the deductible for both of us! WOO HOO!! The insurance lady said it sounded to her like "he (the other guy) was in too big of a hurry!!" So... looking good so far!
Katie- how big is their house? We need at least 4 bedrooms.

Gina said...

I am so sorry I am not reading this until now. I had no idea and I am so sorry this happened on top of everything else. They come in 3's right?

I am not even going to start typing about the idiot that hit you. Ditto on everything you already said. It just eats me that he made it known that he's LDS after the way he acted. Jaw dropping.

Katie said...

Tori, they only have three official bedrooms, but to add one more you'd just have to put up one wall in the big family room in the basement. That wall used to be there, I think, and should be super easy to replace. The house is 1800 sq ft. or so. and has an open kitchen/dining/living room upstairs and two full bathrooms. You can email me if you want their number or more info.

Gina said...

I hope you can get it so you can stay in the neighborhood!

Stephanie said...

Wow, when it rains, it pours. I am glad you are all safe and that the deductable was waived.

I hope you get the house that you want.