Saturday, July 08, 2006

My baby brother is...

Holy cow! I still can not believe that! I already told in an
earlier post how I am responsible for his existance on this earth (kinda) and knew before anyone thathe would be joining our family. I can remember the day Walker- or as I call him "Woogie" was born. I was 10 years old. It took forever. My sisters and I had to stay at Patti Wilson's house all day waiting for the news. My dad finally called to tell us that we had a brother. He weighed 8 pounds. I remember being so excited to help out. I'm not sure how helpful I actually was... I remember one nite he was crying and my parents were letting him "cry it out" or whatever. Well, I had enough. I got him out of his crib and held him. My dad came and got him from me and boy, my dad was mad. I decided that if they were just going to let Woogie cry, then I would teach him how to crawl out of his crib. He ended up getting in my parents bed everynite for the next 5 years. Um, oops? I remember after I gave birth to Tristan, Walker came to the hospital to visit me and he was all laying in the hospital bed with his feet propped up. Then he said, " LIFE!!" It was so funny. He's a big sleepwalker and used to say the funniest things in his sleep. Like, "I'm stressed. You know... confused." Um, ok??? He used to fight like a Power Ranger in his sleep. I took him to meet the Power Rangers when he was probably 5 or 6. He was so excited!!
Woogs is a talented musician. Santa brought him an electric guitar when he was about 14 I think and he taught himself to play it. He rocks. He can play just about anything. And he's finally past the stage where he follows you around the house with his guitar. :) Walker is a movie nerd and a really good critic. He has a whole rating system that I don't really get, but I still listen to his critiques nonetheless. He's a talker and sometimes I think he doesn't care if I'm listening, but now that Blink 182 isn't all he talks about it's easier to listen to him. Man, the Blink 182 stage was hard! Ugh. He's really sweet and his sisters have tried to train him the best we could. Hopefully his future wife will benefit. He's serving a mission in Las Vegas right now and is a district leader and training companion. He's been out since October. He's just awesome and I wish I could call to wish him a happy 20th!! Hopefully he'll get to read this on his P-day. I love you Woogs and I hope your birthday was awesome!!

5 years old

Woogs & Me acting out The Princess Bride "!!!!!"

Uncle Walker with his 1st niece, Isabel Christmas 1999

Woogs and 3 out of 4 sisters- Dec. 2004

Elder Walker Wright of the Nevada-Las Vegas West Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints


s--max said...

Happy Birthday, Walker!!!

Alexis said...

Hey just browsin through. Congrats on your b-day and cute pics. :)

take care.

Tara said...

Doesn't it make you feel OLD to have a 20-year-old brother? Kind of like me having a 30-year-old sister!

Nettie said...

That is soo sweet! That is so cool you still call him "Woogs". What a lucky guy to have such a great big sister!

Happy Birthday, Elder Wright!

JC said...

You have me to thank for getting him past Blink 182. :)

elasticwaistbandlady said...

This story sounds vaguely familiar. Oh yeah, my first brother was also born when I was 10 years old. How odd it feels to look up at a hulking 6'5 guy and tell him that I used to change his diapers.

Happy Birthday Walker!