Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Livie turned 5 months on June 25 and is getting so big!! She tried solid food for the 1st time last week and is actually doing really well. She still has a little tongue action going, but seems to enjoy it. I've just been feeding her rice cereal mixed with apple juice once a day. She's also almost crawling. I can't say she's crawling quite yet because it's more of a scoot at the moment. If she sees something she wants, she gets it! She kinda dives across the floor. It's funny to watch!
Taj is totally potty trained, even after falling off the wagon for a while after our trip to Texas. He loves peeing outside and will sometimes go outside to pee rather than to the toilet. Not sure what to do about that. He talks so much and will surprise us every once in a while with a new "mature" phrase like "I love you so much Mom."
Tristan and Alec have been home for almost a week and have fallen right back into place. They play outside all day. They let Taj follow them around. They've both told me how much they missed home. I know they have fun in Texas, but 6 weeks is a long time. I'm ready to come home after a week even after a fun vacation. It's gotta be hard. Alec told me he doesn't want to go to Texas next summer. I wish it were that easy...
Isabel is having a blast in Florida with my parents and little sister. I miss her tons and she humors me by saying she misses me too. She's gone to the beach and is loving that!!! We get her home where she belongs on Sunday. I am thrilled!! Although when she does get back she has gymnastics at 8-freakin'-am 3 times a week!! What the heck??
Kelsea and Karlea are doing awesome. They absolutely LOVE it here. I think it's the freedom. Not freedom just because they are in the USA (they live in Canada...;) but because they don't have a rigid schedule to follow. In Canada, for 7 year olds they sure are busy. They take 4 different dance classes, but don't really excel in any. They go to a bible school and there's something else I can't remember... They also go to bed at 7pm on school nites. Ok, here during the school year I am lucky to get all the kids in bed by 9pm. I need to work on that. So, 9pm seems WAY LATE to K and K. And in the summer they get to stay up later quite often. Kelsea seems to have a really hard time leaving our home. She cries and cries. She tells me atleast a few times a day how happy she is to be here and will name specific things she likes about being with us. Karlea, I think, is fine where ever. She has fun here, but doesn't have as hard a time leaving. I feel so bad for Kelsea!! Lately I have bonded a lot more with K and K. Before it was hard because I think their mom had instructed them to hate me. Then by the time they kinda started liking me I was in "defense mode" trying to protect my feelings that had already been hurt over and over by them. Not to mention I was reminded constantly by Sei's family how special "the twins" were. They were held on a pedestal for so long and Sei's ex was a regular topic of conversation. Ugh. Don't get me started... But now we've all opened up a little more and this has been a great visit! They even hug me at bedtime now! HUGE breakthru!! I am truly going to miss them when they leave.
Sei has been busy working as the superintendent for a contracting company. He enjoys it and has learned a ton! His youth residential facility has it's final walk thru by the State for it's license today. FINALLY!! Sei has been working on
NorthStar since last May. It was a ton of work and I am so proud of him. People have no idea how much tedious work it is to open a place like that. So many little and big things to do. He's worked so hard!!! So, hopefully after we get the license we will have boys place there by the end of the month.
I have been busy at home. I'm still exercising 6 times a week on the treadmill. It seems like it's mostly for maintenance because I haven't lost any weight. I've started doing Atkins again- or my version of Atkins. I am so tired of hating my body. I have a small frame, so the amount of weight I carry on it is too much. So, I'm doin it. I want to lose inches, I'm not worried about pounds. Ya know the song Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-Lot? He says "36-24-36. Ha ha, only if she's 5'3"." Well- I'm 5'3" and my "back" is a lot bigger than 36". So, I've got mega-booty! So, that's what I'm doing now. The 1st week is hard, but in 5 days I'll be past that. ;) We'll see how it goes. I may just have to come to love my mattress butt. :) TMI- I know...


Gina said...

That was a great Christmas in July kind of update! I am so glad things are going smoothly with the twins. That is so great to hear! I love how much fun you all have as a family... and your kids are friends with each other... they really love each other.

I admire your endurance for excersising so much. I sure wish I could find a moment of energy to get my mattress butt gone. You go girl!

s--max said...

So glad things are getting back to normal & things are better w/Kelsea & Karlea.
Okay, mattress butt? I've got the whole mattress store working..........
Kudos for the self-discipline. 6 days a week - that's great! I finally started back today. Hopefully I'll keep with it.

Robin said...

You are awesome and I think you look great! I am lazy and hate my left over baby belly, I've always had the butt so I'm pretty much used to it. 6 days a week is amazing! My dieting includes diet pop instead of regular and not buying chips. Pretty disciplined I know.