Thursday, September 21, 2006

From the mouths of babes

Robin had her 3 year old son answer these questions. I thought his answers were amusing so I tried it with Taj. Tucker (Robin's son) has a huge vocabulary and speaks really clearly. Taj... well, he's a spaz.

Here goes!!

1. Something you do well.
"Oh. What?" (repeat question) "What Mom?" (repeat question) "Um. Oh. Look! I running."
2. Something you wish you could do better.
3. Your favorite food.
"Pretzels." (He was eating pretzels at the time.)
4. 3 words that tell about you.
(Ignores me. Repeat question. Ignores me again. Repeat. Ignore. Give up.)
5. What makes you happy.
"What?? What Mom?? Red."
6. The most important thing in your life right now.
"What? What you talking?" (That's his version of 'What did you say?')
7. Your favorite movie.
"Ummm... Cars."
8. Your favorite book.
"We don't have book. It's at the library."
9. Your favorite thing.
"What?" (repeat question) "NOTHING!!" (totally annoyed)
10. Your favorite place to go.
"Ummm... dim-nas-ics." (gymnastics)
11. Your favorite thing to draw.
"What? What you talking? What Mom?" (repeat question) "The road." ??
12. Something you want for Christmas.
"Ummm... dim-nas-ics."
13. Your favorite color.
"Umm, nothing. The car is on the road." (repeat question- totally ignores me.)
14. What do you like to play.
"Cars on the road."
15. What do you like to do when it's raining?
"Make it stop."
16. Your favorite animal
"WHAT?" (repeat question) "What??" (repeat question giving a few examples) "Crocodiles. And snakes. I like SNAKES!!!!!!!!"

I have a headache now...


s--max said...

Thank you for making me laugh!!!
He's too cute!

Katie said...

Too funny! That is such a great picture of the way kids really are.

"WHAT???" hahahaha!

~j. said...


tomhhhh said...

Ok...that was great. I totally enjoyed that. I have a new grandbaby that is 7 mths. I find myself noticing other babys and kids. I wonder what my grand daughter will be doing next month and the next month etc.

Thanks for sharing.

Brony said...

I love the things that kids say.

Gina said...

That is pretty funny!

Nettie said...

So funny! I can just imagine how he looked as he answered. 3 yr olds - maybe not the best age for self reflection!

Amy said...

hahahah cute idea! gotta try it!