Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What's goin' on??

Do y'all remember that song with this chorus: "And I say Heyyyyyyyyyy. Heyyyyyyyy. I say HEY- what's goin' on??" by 4 Non-Blondes? Yeah- it's called "What's Up?" That always confused me since she never says "What's up?"Anyway... this is just a catch up post to let everyone know WHAT'S UP with me!! I know you're excited...
We'll start with the youngest:
Livie will be 8 months on the 25th. This month a lot of things have finally "clicked" with her. She's been doing this funky army crawl type thing for 2 months. She would crawl on her knees for 2 or 3 crawls and then get back down on her tummy. This bugged because it was showing how dirty my floors were. This past week she finally got up on her knees and stayed there- except when she's in a hurry. She's also sitting up and pulling up on furniture. She also walks holding onto the couch and will let go of one piece of furniture to switch to another. She is a total runt- about 2 pounds less than my others were at this age. She has 2 toothies and one cutting on the top. But it's not one of the regular top teeth- it's one of the pointy ones. She's gonna look like a vampire... or Avril Lavigne.
Tajy turned 3 on Sept. 6. My blog was about the Crocodile Hunter. Sorry Tajy!! His party was even lamer than my blog! We had a Dinsey "Cars" cake and we went to see "Cars" at the dollar movie. He got a bunch of cars for his gifts... and a toolbox. His new thing is totally stripping after he pees. He comes out butt naked shaking his booty at me saying, "I'm naaakkkeeeddd!!!" Yesterday he backed Isabel into a corner with his booty. He has started going to Isabel's gym on Fridays from 10-2. It's like a Mom's day out and I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!! HE loves it too. He gets to play with the mats, jump on the tramp, color, walk on the beam, eat lunch, watch a short video and I get to go to the grocery store without chasing him, watch whatever I've dvr'd, try on clothes at Old Navy without him opening the door while my pants are down, etc... It's been so nice. Only bad thing- he asks to "Go to dim-nas-ics" all week long.
Isabel is my gymnast queen! She has her 1st meet this Saturday and is so excited. I am excited too!! The head coach just raves on and on about Izzy's natural ability and grace. She called me to make sure Iz will be competing in enough meets to qualify her for state. I am now taking donations from whoever so I can afford for her to enter all these meets. They're about $50-60 a pop.
Alec is playing flag football and really enjoys it. He has made friends very quickly at his new school. In fact, the 1st day he came home "I made 4 friends today Mom." His tooth that he lost last May. Yes- May 2005- is now finally growing back. He looks very handsome!! You don't just notice this one huge tooth anymore!!
Tristan is in soccer and football. He made a AAA team this year in soccer, but it was going to cost almost $600. Are you freakin' kidding me?? So, he chose to play rec soccer and is kickin' butt & takin' names. He averages 3 goals a game. This is his 1st year to play flag football. He is so big and a lot quicker than one would guess. They had sprints yesterday at practice and I think T surprised his coach when he won every sprint.
Me- yes! There is one person older than me. Woo hoo! Well- unfortunately there isn't a lot to report. It's soccer/football/gymnastics season and I have become a taxi driver once again. I have been busy making our house look like a home. I just don't enjoy decorating and I suck at it. I am excited about decorating my kitchen- once it's painted- because I have all my "I Love Lucy" memorabilia to display. That'll be fun!
Seiuli has been working hard. NorthStar is set to have an open house in less than 2 weeks for case workers, probation officers, etc... to visit. We are praying to have boys in the home within a few weeks. It is such a long drawn out process to open a residential treatment center. Unless you've actually done it- from scratch- you can't even imagine all the hoops ya have to jump thru to get it up and running. Ugh. After a year and a half- I am so ready. And if I am so ready, I KNOW Sei is!! I love him for being so diligent in his effort. I know it has been frustrating!!
Welp- that's what's up with us for now. Nothing too exciting, but that's life. Oh- I am excited for it to snow- which if you know me at all you know that is something I NEVER have said before in my life. But I am excited because finally I am NOT pregnant and I don't have a newborn, so I am learning to snowboard this year. I am. It's a goal. I am so stoked!! So, I'll letcha' know how that goes... with pictures... funny ones I'm sure. :)


s--max said...

Thanks for the update on the fam. Glad to hear everyone is doing good. SNOW?! I'm so jealous!!!

Gina said...

That is a great update! Thanks for posting it! Glad you are all doing so well!!!!

Do you have a snowboard? Mine is kind of nerdy, but you are welcome to use it the first few times to save money. You know where I live.

Tori :) said...

That's sweet Gina. I do have a snowboard. I got it a couple of years ago and I've used it down the hill by the temple two whole times. Luckily we got it used for cheap.

Robin said...

It's great to finally hear about you! Everything sounds pretty good. Keep up the great taxi service.