Monday, September 18, 2006

You're HOW old?!?!?!?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANASTASIA!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great day!!! (As great a day as you can without me there...;)


s--max said...

Thank you!!!
We'll hit OTB next time you're here for a belated birthday celebration for both of us. We'll get drunk on queso & chips. :-)
& I'm NOT that old! 31 ~ where have the years gone?! I still have my 2 cards you gave me when I turned 16. You told me I was a "true woman." You're a nerd!! ha ha
Love you!!!!

s--max said...

Got my card today. Thank you! I love you, too! I've been blessed to have your friendship for 18+ years & I look forward to growing old & gray (underneath the dye jobs)w/you. Love the pic ~ that's one beautiful family!!!