Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Aunty Tori

Today I will become an aunt again!! My sister, Tara, is being induced around 10am central time. That's an hour from right now!! I wish I could be there with her, but she lives in Kansas. This is the furthest she's gone in a pregnancy because her other 2 she was induced at around 38 weeks due to preclampsia. This time she made it to almost 40 weeks, but because the baby looks GINORMOUS they are inducing her. Her others were 7.15 and 8.5 two weeks early... So, they are thinking this baby is around 9 pounds and that is big enough. I'm sure there are women out there with 10 pound baby stories. Ya should've been induced... ;) Anyway... I wanna wish my sister and her husband GOOD LUCK!!!!!! Love y'all and thank you for making me an aunt the 1st, 2nd and 3rd time around! Jayden and Jaxon- be good big brothers and help Mommy. Love y'all!


Gina said...

Congrads! Looking forward to the stats!

s--max said...

Best wishes to all!