Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My 100th Post

It is my 100th post today- which I forgot about until I read Robin's post today. I think I will copy her and split it into 50s because I'm running short on time and things about me. Robin also kinda went in order of her life. Good idea Robin. Thanx!!

Here goes:
1. I was born in Denver, Colorado but got to Texas as fast as I could. I don't know why my parents screwed me out of that Native born Texan birthrite. All my other siblings got it. A little bitter... I was conceived in Galveston, Texas though. Ewww... my parents conceived me.
2. I was born May 11.
3. I am 30.
4. I was born at 11:33pm.
5. I wasn't getting oxygen during the delivery, so that could explain some of my brain damage today.
6. My earliest memory is crawling out of my parent's bed to get ready to go to the hospital to meet my new sister, Nicole. I had on a white t-shirt with vegetables on it.
7. I'm the 2nd of 5 children. It goes Tara (32), me, Nicole('79-'97), Walker(20), Ali(12).
8. I wrote on my Aunt Fran's wall when I was like in 2nd grade. My dad asked me if I did it and I said, "No." He said, "If you did would you tell me?" I again said, "No." Duh. Years later- like when I was 20- I admitted to it. My parents were so surprised! They thought it had been Tara. :)
9. I saw a scorpian for the 1st time when I was peeing on the toilet. I was 5. My dad put a Snoopy glass over it so he could show it to all of us.
10. Once I was scared, but too old to admit it so I poured water on my bed and acted like I didn't know what the heck happened.
11. I've been all over the USA on family vacations. My fave = Las Vegas.
12. I met a guy named M.J. Nodilo in Vegas. He was the first LDS guy I ever liked, so I was convinced I would marry him.
13. I saw M.J. 2 other summers in Arizona where he lived. I think he was too tall for me.
14. I have no musical talents, although in the 4th grade I sang a solo.
15. I was baptized into
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints when I was 8. I had a double baptism with my friend, Rachel, on May 18.
16. I've never broken a bone.
17. I got in a lot of trouble when I was younger. We won't go there, but I can give you this as a hint: 59 days baby!!
18. I collected all the Michael Jordan posters from the Wheaties box.
19. I've only been to 4 concerts: New Kids on the Block, Miami Sound Machine, No Doubt and Def Leppard/Journey.
20. There are a ton of concerts I would have loved to have gone to.
21. I watched Friday the 13th at my great aunt's house when I was probably 10.
22. The Shining freaks me out. "Redrum. Redrum."
23. Candyman freaked me out more. I'm not sure why. "Helen.... Helen...."
24. I saw Wilford Brimley at a gas station in Idaho. (Yes- the grumpy diabetes guy from Cocoon.)
25. I saw Wee-man from Jacka$$ in California.
26. Seeing Wilford Brimley was more exciting.
27. I kissed Donnie Wahlberg from NKOTB (and now in the CW show "Runaway") and I will brag about it until I'm dead.
28. In the 7th grade, 2 girls and I were trying to be mean and order a pizza to this other girl's house. But we felt bad, so we called back and gave the address we were at instead. Then we had to scrounge around for money and used pennies to pay for a lot of it.
29. Growing up there were 4 LDS girls that were always my age in my ward. 2 of us got in a lot of trouble. The other 2 were angels. Well, now the 2 troublemakers are very active LDS women. The other 2 are not. At all.
30. I think saying the name "Humberto" is funny.
31. If I met Harrison Ford I would say, "I loved you in Dead Heat on a Merry-go-Round." That was his 1st movie- he played a bellboy.
32. Harrison Ford has flown rescue helicopters to help people stuck in the mountains. If he saved me I would say, "Do you have any time in this type? 9 o'clock." That's from Clear and Present Danger. I'm sure he would be impressed...
33. Yes- I've thought of what I would say if I met Harrison Ford.
34. I've been to a lot of funerals for people I knew. A lot of them were while in high school. 3 were murdered. 2 in motorcycle accidents. 1 from a head injury after jumping off the back of a car. 1 from suicide.
35. My ex and Sei both have a gay uncle. Interesting.
36. I don't have a gay uncle... That I know of.
37. The most I've gained while pregnant is 29 pounds - producing a 6.3 baby. The least I've gained is 17 - producing a 7.1 baby.
38. I weighed 7.8 when I was born.
39. My babies weighed: 6.3, 7.15, 8.2, 7.1 and 8.1. The 2 8 pounders were my daughters.
40. Thinking of 50 things is hard. My next 50 will be really hard!
41. I don't like cottage cheese unless it's in an italian meal.
42. I could put ranch dressing on just about anything.
43. I graduated in 1994.
44. I had to think about what year I graduated. I almost said 96 but I had my 2nd baby in 96.
45. I've attended Tyler Jr. College, Texas Women's University and Utah Valley State College. I need about 20 hours to graduate.
46. When I go back to school I want to learn to be an ASL translator.
47. Who knows when I will go back to school.
48. I played softball and basketball growing up. I also ran track until 9th grade. I also was a cheerleader in 9th grade.
49. I can longboard, though not very well.
50. I saved up 500 Kool-aid points to get a Kool-aid Blasterboard. It was a big, red skateboard.
Stay tuned...


Katie said...

Awesome list, Tori. Keep it coming.

P.S. I thought Harrison Ford was a lot cuter before he started dating Calista Flockhart. Ewww.

s--max said...

Okay ~ hoping I never get to my 50th post, let alone 100th. I don't think I could think of that many things about me. Much less things that people would actually care to know!

s--max said...

Good job, Tori! Can't wait for the next 50!

Abbie said...

You probaly knew this, but Wilford Brimley is my/Robin's grandpa's 1st cousin. I assume that means you'll be just as excited & star-struck when you meet me someday.

~j. said...

I love that you did anasazi, and that you and the other troublemaker are the active ones. How often do you get to say "Humberto"?

Robin said...

You're so right about us being kindred spirits. I was so stunned to hear you say that Humberto is a funny name to say, since my friend Lindy and I thought that was the funniest thing when we were 18 and now it's an inside joke with us. Freaky! Also, I am related to Wilford Brimley. I've met him once or twice. He doesn't really like mormons.
Awesome Post!

Gina said...

When I read "Brimley" I wondered if Robin would comment on any relation... what do ya know...

I love the last factoid! I remember wanting to do that, but never saved enough! You were surely an ACTIVE child of the eighties. I am jealous!

Tori :) said...

I never put the Brimley and Brimley together. How awesome! I didn't talk to Wilford at the gas station. He looked kinda grumpy. He was in the movie "Brigham City" too. I liked that movie. He died. :(

AzĂșcar said...

Someday I'd love to hear more about what sent you to anasazi and what you learned while you were there. We are 12 days apart and I've also never broken a bone.

Mel said...

You have a very fun & interesting life!
I'm with you on the cottage cheese thing and I've never broken a bone either.

Anonymous said...

Tori---I like the list. You seem like a cool girl, much like myself. :)
I am definately going to come back and see what is happening in your life. AND I want to hear more about your love session with one of the NKOTB. Dare I say, that is quite impressive.