Monday, October 16, 2006

The other half

Here's 51-100 facts about me to complete my 100th post.

51. My kitchen is decorated in I Love Lucy memorabilia.
52. I took art lessons as a child and sucked.
53. I prefer sleeping in pj pants and big tshirts such as my Def Leppard concert tee. I'm sure Sei would prefer I sleep in something a little more sexy, but it's not gonna happen.
54. I love whole wheat Eggo waffles.
55. I love chips and salsa from Chilis.
56. I could make a whole list about food.
57. I ran anchor on the 1600 m relay team in 8th grade.
58. I've skinned (and eaten) a rattlesnake.
59. I had braces for 2 years.
60. I'm shy and it usually comes off as stuck up.
61. I would love to live by the beach or in Arizona. LOVE Arizona!!
62. I swallow my gum. (And the urban legend about it staying in your stomach for 7 years is just that- an urban legend. You can check it out on
63. My mother-in-law believes most urban legends such as the one in #62.
64. I got glasses in 4th grade.
65. I got contacts when I turned 12.
66. I had Lasik done in March 2002.
67. I never tore a contact in 13 years except for when one fell out and dried on the floor. It broke when I found it.
68. I snorkeled with sharks in Florida with my little brother.
69. I swam with sting rays in the Grand Caymans in 2002.
70. I love roller coasters.
71. I don't like haunted houses.
72. I like "make me jump" scary movies, but not gory movies.
73. My sisters and I used to play Barbies or "People" when we were little. "People" are those little Fisher Price people that have towns and stuff. Tara always got the real "People" toilet and stuff even though it was mine. It came with the Fisher Price Pre-school.
74. I've eaten lunch in the Capitol Building in Washington D.C.
75. I found a dead shark on the beach in Galveston. It was about a foot long.
76. I impressed my husband when we were dating with my knowledge of Kelly Slater, the pro surfer. I saw him on the Mickey Mouse club when he was 16, thought he was hot and kept up with him after that.
77. I weigh on the scale everyday. I don't know why. It depresses me.
78. My favorite color is orange.
79. My high school mascot was a Bronco.
80. I'm glad it wasn't a Unicorn.
81. I briefly had my belly button pierced before I met Sei. Now an earring would get lost if I pierced my belly button.
82. I LOVE 80's music.
83. Sometimes I turn on Metallica really loud in my car. It relieves stress.
84. I introduced my little brother to Metallica. I got my tape taken away by my parents. He got a ride to their concert with my mom. Hmmmm.....
85. I talk in my sleep- but not as bad as my dad and brother.

86. I can't sing.
87. I can't play the accordian.
88. I dvr: Desperate Housewives, Little House on the Prairie, Reba, Heroes, Runaway, ER and Law & Order: SVU
89. I may stop recording SVU- it's getting too gory for me.
90. I'm bugged with how many commercials say the word "S3X" in them. I've got little kids man!
91. I'm bugged that shows can say the "Sh" word and lots of other words now.
92. I know how to wallpaper.
93. I don't know how to sew, but would like to learn.
94. I'm not fluent in ASL, but I do know hundreds of signs. I want to learn much more.
95. I can understand quite a bit of Spanish, but I don't really want to learn to speak it. Don't get me started on my reasoning behind that.
96. I like to sweat.
97. I have a pretty nice basketball shot, but I'm so freakin' slow.
98. I think teaching high school or jr. high would be cool. They would get my jokes.
99. I wish I had family that lived near me.
100. I hate trying on jeans.

And there you have it. 100 things about me. I can't believe you read all the way down to 100! Don't you have better things to do?? ;)


Tara said...

You had your belly button pierced? I don't think I ever knew that.... What other secrets are you keeping from me?!?!?! jk

Gina said...

I HATE SWEATING! I hate being wet at all. I wouldn't shower if it weren't necessary... or do dishes.

I can wallpaper too... if all the walls weren't textured in our house, I would have done a room. Where I come from, walls are flat and wallpaper is cool. Ian hates wallpaper.

Great list! You've done a lot of traveling!

Robin said...

Swam with sharks and sting rays. You are way cooler than me. You win. But I have pictures. Ha.

s--max said...

Great list! I feel like I knew nothing about you. ;)

Tori :) said...

Robin- if my real computer worked I'd have pics. Bummer. I enjoyed your pics though!!