Monday, October 30, 2006

Pop Culture Meme

Thanks so much for tagging me No Cool Story!! I feel like I just got to sit at the "cool table." :)

FAVORITE SONG INTRO: "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne hands down. "All aboard! HA HA HA HA!!" It's my ring on my cell phone.
Oh, but wait. I also like, "Oh my gosh Becky, look at her butt. It is SO big. Ugh. She looks like one of those rap guy's girlfriends, but, who understands those rap guys. I mean, they only talk to her cuz she looks like a total prostitute. I mean, her butt. It's just so big. I can't believe it, it's just so round. It's just, like, out there. I mean, gross, LOOK! She's just so... black!!"

FAVORITE MOVIE QUOTE: Oh, do NOT get me started. I could quote all day! I did
a whole blog and a half on quotes.Let me think. I quote "Napoleon Dynamite" a lot. I use quotes in my everyday life. Nah- I think my all time favorite is gonna have to be:
"My ankles are fat. I itch everywhere. There's something hangin' out of my butt. The article's not going well and now, now I have to get a haircut."
"There's something hangin' out of your what?"
"When you're pregnant sometimes you get hemmoroids, ok?"
"Oh. Bummer."
"For Keeps"- an old Molly Ringwald movie

FAVORITE MUSICAL CHARACTER: Miss Hannigan from "Annie." She was so freakin' funny!! "Why any kid would wanna be an orphan is beyond me."
FAVORITE 80'S SONG: Hmmm.... So many to choose from. And I get the late 80s and early 90's mixed up. I really loved Kenny Rogers when I was little, so anything by him. I distinctly remember saying my favorite song was "Islands in the Stream" when I was like maybe 5. My sisters and I sang "Eternal Flame" all the time too. And Madonna, New Kids on the Block, and PAC MAN FEVER!! Woo hoo!! I was kinda a weird kid and more into the oldies (60s-70s) during the 80s.

FAVORITE HAIR BAND: Def Leppard Def Leppard Def Leppard!!! Although I did have a Skid Row poster in my bedroom because I thought Sebastian Bach was hot. He so is not. I also love Guns n Roses.

FAVORITE REALITY SERIES: I watch "Celebrity Paranormal" something or other on VH1. I also watched "Celebrity Fit Club" because Tina Yothers from "Family Ties" was on it. I also watch "Dr. 90210" because I really think Dr. Rey is a perv. I guess that doesn't really explain why I watch it though.

WORST CELEBRITY NICKNAME EVER: TomKat, Beniffer, Brangelina, and TomKitten. So dumb! Although P-Diddy is super dumb. And 50 cent... and I don't wanna get shot so I'll shut up.

Whom I tag: Robin, Gina, Jenny and Katie


Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Amen on P-Diddy. Bri informed me the other night that now it's just "Diddy." I'm like, YOU'RE 35 YEARS OLD! PICK A NICKNAME!!! I think he's doing it for free publicity.

Oh no you DIH-ENT just say that Sebastian is not hot. If I liked hair bands, it would be Skid Row because yes, I think he is. Plus he was on Saturday Night Live and he and Adam Sandler did this hilarious "Kid's Hard Rock" CD. Adam Sandler was Axl Rose and sang nursery rhymes... (sigh) so funny.

Amen on Miss Hannigan, too. She is too funny. "I'm an ordinary woman, with FEEEE lings...."

~j. said...

yay! I love blog assignments.

There was this girl I grew up with who LOVEDLOVEDLOVED Sebastian Bach. I would always just roll my eyes whenever she started talking about him, about how she was going to name her first son Sebastian, and she would get teary talking about how BEAUTIFUL he is. Barf. Then he started on Gilmore Girls, and I think THAT is purely hilarious, and I don't mind him too much anymore.

No Cool Story said...

OHGosh. So I tagged you and never ever or ever came to check your meme :(
Sorry, will you ever forgive me?

What even happened to G N'Roses? why did Axel have to be such a jerk? too bad.

I don't watch Dr 90210, but my boyfriend Joel form The Soup shows me video clips form that show and man, he's a perv.

Thanks for playing :)