Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Face on the Milk Carton


Have you seen me??
32 yr old male
No hair, blue eyes
This is my husband. He has been missing for 5 days now. He was last seen wearing... I can't remember, but he had on clothes. He was last seen leaving for work. He has called a few times and I have found dirty socks on our bedroom floor, so he is assumed to still be in the area. (Although he could be hiding out in Mexico as he is fluent in Spanish.) He is extremely cute, articulate and a flirt. If you have any information leading to his whereabouts please comment here. Although if he flirts with you he should probably remain missing...


s--max said...

You are too funny! Do me a favor ~ see if Micah can find that "missing" place for a few days. ha ha

~j. said...

I'm glad things for your new business are going well.

(ps -- can you email me asap? Or call me - I'm in the phonebook...or, tell me your email address...mine is my first name and my last name, no spaces, at gmail.)

Tori :) said...

J- I emailed you, but you didn't say if it was .com, .mail, .net, etc... So, I put .com. :) Hopefully it made it to ya.

Alexiev said...

Its... Cool

Suzanne said...

I found your blog through Millie's and I really like it. You say things how they are and it's refreshing. Good luck in finding your missing hubby! :)

Gina said...

He hasn't been patroling over in our area, though we did see him and Taj on Halloween.

Good luck! Hope you get a glimpse of him soon. Set your alarm for 1am so you can wake up and see if he's right next to you... ;)

No Cool Story said...

So...what happened?
Is he back?
Did he bring you a present?
Did he bring back all his socks??