Saturday, December 02, 2006

¿Que? Update (see 2 posts ago...)

So, Thursday I called the ESL coordinator again and left a message. Friday, at 8am, the principal at Alec's school called. He informed me he had Penny "W" (the ESL lady) in his office and that we were on speaker phone. Penny proceeded to tell me the only reason Alec was tested was because in his school records it showed he had been tested in the 1st grade at our old school. I had NEVER heard anything from our other school about him being tested. She said in 1st grade he had tested as fluent in English in everything. They retested him this year because his records show he was part of the ESL program and they restest every couple of years. Ok- I'm thinkin, "Yeah, whatever..."

So I asked, "Why would he have been tested- ever- to begin with? His grades are awesome and his teacher's know he is fluent in English. Is it because of his last name?"

"Absolutely not! Students are only tested if there is something in their registration papers indicating they were fluent in another language besides English."

"Um, ok... I've never listed any other language when registering him."

"Um...hmmm... I am looking at Alec's file and you're right. It says he lives in an English only home. Um... hmmm... It just looks like this was all mistake."

"What about his scores? The letter I received said he had limited fluency in writing and reading in English."

"That was a mistake of the tester. The results I have here say he is fluent on all parts of the test."

"Duh." Just kidding. I didn't say that. I just thought it. :)

"How about this: I will remove anything in Alec's file regarding ESL and I apologize for the mix-up. You will receive a letter letting you know that this has been completed."

There was other things said during the conversation, but that was the jist of it. That same afternoon Alec's teacher called me. She told me when ESL came to test Alec she actually told them, "I don't think he speaks any other languages..." She was confused and shocked as well! She also told me she had a copy of an apology letter from the district that she was sure I would be receiving.

So, I'm taking a poll. Do y'all think I should I sue? I see a lot of dinero in this. Total discrimination. Just kiddin. ;) I just really find it hard to believe that they "accidently" tested him, "accidently" got his scores wrong, and "accidently" sent me a letter in Spanish... That's a lot of accidents. But whatever. At least they know he speaks English- fluently and his file will be fixed. ¡Que-ever! ;)


tara said...

Yeah... Que-ever is right... Penny lane... (or is it W?) and if I knew how to make an upside down exclamation mark... I would! My 4 year old doesn't even have that many accidents in one day... oh wait... she's been potty trained for over 18 months... so she shouldn't!

No Cool Story said...

Upside down exclamations for ALL!!!!

What a weird turn of events.
I wouldn't sue. Sue (I call her Susan) does, however, like polls, moles and rolls...I'm going to bed now.

Gina said...

Complete idiots... I wouldn't sue, but I would try for getting someone fired...

~j. said...

Nobs. If I were you, I'd accept their apology and then "just happen" to be at the school a lot, so that they see you, know your face, know you by name, know that you're an involved parent, and you'll get the desired result: they'll kiss your butt all the time and know never to cross you or your kids again.

Tori :) said...

I'm just kidding. I wouldn't sue. But I don't think they'll forget who I am and I do know that they will know who my children are!! "Don't piss their mom off..." :)

Suzanne said...

I'm glad you finally got some answers at least. You deserve that apology letter and hopefully they'll treat your family better in the future! :)

Azúcar said...

I agree, too many coincidences in a row. Crazy answers too. "That was a mistake of the tester." Mmmhmm.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Que interesante. No sue-o. (I know you were just kidding.) But yeah, how exactly did they think of testing him, anyway, if not for his last name? They don't test white kids with the last names Johnson or Smith for ESL. You could totally call ACLU about this but I wouldn't give them the business if I were you. ;)