Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Welcome Wormy

Well, that's not his name, but we're calling him "Wormy" for now. SpongeBob fans will cheer!
This is our new corn snake. We were going to get an albino corn snake, but decided we liked the orange color on this one!! Sei's parents sent money for Christmas so we decided to use it to purchase all the housing things needed for a snake. (I'm sure that's not what they had in mind when they sent the money...;) I am SO STOKED to have him. (If he's even a "he"...) Is that weird?? I love watching him slither across the floor or crawl up my arm. He's just a little thing now, but will grow to be anywhere from 3.5 to 6 feet long. They also live like 20 years. And an extra plus- the kids have to wash their hands before and after handling him, so they are washing their hands a ton more than they ever did before. THAT will make my mother-in-law so proud!!


Suzanne said...

Wow. You are braver than I am. I'm sure the kids will have so much fun with it. Will you rename it after it's not worm size anymore? ;)

s--max said...

R U CRAZY?! There goes any thoughts of me coming to see you!!
ha ha I'm glad y'all found a new thing for the family to share. That's cool.

Tara said...

I like "Wormy." Jaxon names everything with a "y" on the end. His stuffed frog, Froggy, is my favorite.

No Cool Story said...

Time out.
My son has asked for a snake, then a scorpion, then a tarantula, then a millipede, see a pattern here?, I have said no to all of those.

He can never read this blog of yours.
You are a cool mom.

Katie said...

You are a cool mom, Tori.

And Taj---could he be any more beautiful????

Gina said...

For real... you are too cool for school... I wish I wasn't squeemish when it came to creatures such as this... you know how wimpy I am from my 200th post.

tara said...

You are a cool mom! I could never have a snake! I remember when my family moved to England (I was 4) and this guy that my dad roomed with on the base had a HUGE snake (I don't remember what it was) it freaked me out! I was reading your blog and played the video while the girls were in the bath (I was sitting on the toilet lid) My 15 month old, Ali, started ROCKING out in the bath (she loves to dance... I need to post about it... her dancin' moves) That song is very "Ryan-Shupe-ish" I need a copy!

Tori :) said...

Suzanne- I think we're sticking with Wormy. That'll be kinda funny when it's 4 feet long.

Stacy- My mom said the same thing!!

Tara- I think Alec had a frog named Froggy too!!

NCS- The boys asked for a scorpian too. That would be a big "Negative Ghostrider."

Katie- Thanks. No- Taj could not be more beautiful. ;)

Gina- If it was an unwelcomed snake in my house I'd freak out too. I suck with mice, so I'm glad the ones we feed Wormy are already dead.

tara- The song was already on Onetruemedia.com. I thought it was too funny!

Robin said...

I think snakes are cool and fun, but I don't believe I'll ever own one. Taj looks so gorgeous, what a great face!

Mel said...

Your kids are adorable and the snake looks cool but theres no way I could sleep with that thing in my house. You are the kind of mom my boys dream about having.

~j. said...

What a fun little video! Will you make more? Pretty please?

ps - hope Wormy doesn't turn into a butterfly and fly away.

Tori :) said...

~j.- Check out my An Attitude of Gratitude blog. I've made a few other videos- but not of the snake. ;)