Monday, January 08, 2007

A day in the life of Tori

Here's what's happened in the last couple of days with my kiddos:

Alec had his 1st basketball game of the season. I LIVE for bball season because that's my sport! Sei gets to walk up and down the soccer field, making it necessary for me to CALL HIM ON HIS CELL PHONE in order to communicate with him during a soccer game. Basketball season I am the big nerd who won't stop yelling. Yeah... I lost my voice. Oops. Alec did awesome scoring 12 or 14 points- the most of the team. He really has a nice shot. I taught him well.

Today this is where I found Livie.

Yes- on top of the piano. She crawled on top of the box holding Isabel's hair stuff, onto the bench, the keys and then the top. Taj started yelling for me. "Mom! Hurry! Save Liv! Get her down!" I was right in the kitchen and came in to find the little monkey on the piano!! She's only 11 months. I thought I had a while before I had to worry about things like this!

Today while driving in the car I put on my Josh Groban cd. I don't usually listen to Josh Groban, but I felt like chillin. Well, I asked Taj if he was cold and he said, "No. I'm sad." (as he hung his arms down and drooped his shoulders.) "Why are you sad?" "This is my sad music. I'm sad. I want my music." "What's your music?" "Der-ner-ner-ner-ner..." (making the sounds of a guitar.) I put on Def Leppard and Taj said, "Yeah! This is my music! Yeah!!" He is SOOOO my son!!

Isabel's gymnastics coach called on Friday. They were wanting to move Izzy up to level 5. I was kinda against this for very selfish reasons. I didn't want her to go from totally kickin' butt to being "average." Is that SO bad??? So I asked her coach, "Isabel doesn't care too much about this, but is she not going to do well in the meets now? Because I don't want her self esteem hurt." "Oh no!! We have 30 practices before the next meet and she already has all the skills. We just need to work on putting them together in routines. She'll do fine. I mean, she can stay on level 4, but she will be bored out of her mind because the routines are too easy for her now." So, reluctantly I agreed to let her move up, adding 2 more hours a week and $20 more a month! But seeing Isabel's face when I told her made it all worth it. She is thrilled and to quote her, "I'm really proud of me." She should be. Did I mention she is the youngest on her level 5 team and only the 2nd from her level 4 team to move up? The other girl to move up is 10.

I got a call from the school today. Tristan had been playing football at recess and collided with another kid. The woman made it sound like his lip was busted all open, etc... So I rushed up to the school to "rescue" Tristan thinking he needed stitches. When I walked in the office, I saw him and his fat lip and swollen nose and did just want any good mom would do. I laughed. I'm sorry. It looked so funny!! Then I checked out all my kids and headed to the instacare center for x-rays. (See- I'm a good mom!) Turns out his nose has a small fracture- which they can't do much about unless it gets all crooked. I told him I need to take a picture so he could see the difference tomorrow... These pics don't do it justice.


tara said...

way to go... for all your kiddos! I hope Tristan's lip feels better soon! And I love Def Leppard, so fun that you got to go to their concert. Were there a bunch of middle 30-aged somethings there? I bet that was a riot to see!

Mel said...

What a "bunch" of talented kids you have there! So sorry about the swollen nose & lip. You are a good mom!

Tara said...

Yea for my cute nephews and nieces! Taj sounds like a character. I can't wait to have him and Jaxon in a room together...

Robin said...

I think you'll find your life will never being boring!

Suzanne said...

You are such an amazing mom! I would be frazzled by the end of the day and you're here blogging!

What Taj said was so cute! Kids love to listen to music, don't they?

How fun for Isabel! Does she want to be an Olympian someday??? How cool would that be? :)

AzĂșcar said...

Hee, I would have laughed too.

Stepherz said...

I can't believe she climbed up there! Ohh, you have a future Olympic Gymnast on your hands!

Funny how they just don't know fear at all, isn't it? They learn that so fast via a whole slew of bruises and owies!

Gina said...

That is crazy about Liv!!!! What a true monkey! Wow, she may be giving you clues on some talents for later.

Yay for Izzy! Way to go!

I feel sorry for Tristan! When I was his age, an obvious injury like that would have me hiding from public.

Not sure you saw my other blog yet. I happened to mention Josh Groban... I am so opposite of you and Robin in the music department.

Lisa M. said...

I have days just like that!

I'm glad he wasn't hurt too bad, and good for your girl!