Thursday, January 18, 2007

"I could go back to the jungle and be a missionary again..."

What movie is THAT from????

The quote doesn't really have anything to do with my post other than that it popped into my head when I started to type. My sister wrote about her food storage and 72 hour kits the other day and I was inspired. After Katrina hit I did pretty good updating my 72 hour kits. For the most part we are prepared for a 72 hour emergency. That is, unless we want to EAT during those 72 hours. Most of the food I had in our kit is old so I threw it out. But we do have hygiene kits (mostly because Tara gave my whole family kits when we got married. I just added stuff for the 2 extra kids. Thanks again Sister.) I also have copies of important ID papers,drivers license, insurance cards and a family picture. Actually several family pics in various locations just to help out incase is missing. Anyway... I decided 5 out of 7 kiddos are big enough to carry a backpack with things for themselves. So, tomorrow while Taj is at gymnastics Livie and I are on a mission. We are going to buy things to go in our new and improved 72 hour kits. We are also buying lots of water. We have a deep freeze, so I decided that would be a perfect place to store water. Why? Because if we lose power the frozen water will work as ginormous ice cubes to keep whatever food we have in the freezer cold for a while. And we can quickly try to use what we can before it goes bad. Anyway... I looked on and there are a lot of pre-made kits that have given me ideas for my own. I especially like the cute little kits made out of water bottles. For Family Nite we are making our own water bottle kits. I'm excited! So, if any of you have any great ideas for 72 hour kits- especially for a large family- pass them along.


tara said...

I've got to say, I am so bad at this. I have a hard enough time cooking, let alone coming up with a good recipe to make w/o eggs and the dry rice and whole wheat we have on hand. Another problem is storage. Can't store anything in the garage or attic b/c of where I live, it'd all go bad. I just hope that my meager efforts are enough to sustain us should something happen before we have the room to actually store the stuff, of course that's not a good excuse... b/c if we were hungry and my children were crying b/c their tummies were empty, I would be very sad. Okay, so need to rethink this a bit. I've found it takes consistent concerted effort to be using and cycling through the stuff so it doesn't go bad.

Suzanne said...

It looks like you're very prepared! I finally did our 72 hours kits after Katrina. I'd held off for so long because of the upfront cost, but I just couldn't delay it any longer.

My problem was that my boys' backpacks were too heavy for them to carry. Also, I haven't been good at rotating food so I had to throw some of it away. Originally, I had a huge variety of food packed for us, but I think we've decided to just stick with water and Power Bars that won't expire for a few years. It's not exciting, but at least we could survive for a few days on it and I don't have to rotate is as often.

Way to go!!! :D

Robin said...

We are actually trying to get this done at our house, lets see when it actually happens!

Utah Swiss Family Robinson said...

MRE's, while a bit pricey, have long shelf life and really don't taste too bad. When the kids were little we got lots of MRE crackers and peanut butter. Only know Emergency Essential's on University Parkway but there may be others.

Way to go. Mine really need updating. We got backpacks on a sale that have internal frames and are more comfortable to carry. As mom and dad we carry much of the little girls water and food. We just ask them to carry their snacks, toys, and clothes.

Mrs. Burns said...

Space Jam.
By the way, you are totally inspiring me to get that stuff done. I remember having a 72-hour kit before I was married and most of the stuff went bad after a while. I think I gave up after that.