Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ghost of Valentines Day Past

Valentines Day was never a big deal to me before. I was married 7 years and all those Valentine Days sucked. For real. I can't think of one awesome one. In fact, our last one together- he moved out. On Valentines Day. That was perhaps the best Vday of our marriage!!
But my attitude of Valentines Day has changed ever since I met Seiuli. Wow- being married to the right person makes a huge difference!!

Our 1st Valentines Day I made him our email binder and wrote dorky things on his car windows. He decorated our bedroom with balloons and streamers. He gave me flowers and chocolates. That Vday was hard because the Olympics were in SLC and Sei had to work 24 straight nite shifts to help cover all the added security. Not fun.

Another year I made him a huge heart Valentine with the words "Why I'm Stoked on..." at the top and then YOU spelt out with words I had cut out of magazines with things that described him and our relationship. He kept it for 3 years until it got trashed somehow. I was very proud of it.

Last year I wore a "I Heart Seiuli" shirt. He was so surprised!!! Every year I decorate his car windows with either shoe polish or with paper hearts with nerdy sayings written on them. Speaking of nerdy sayings, one year Seiuli gave me a box of Conversation Hearts, but he had written things on them himself. It was funny!

I love trying to think of new things to surprise him with and I think he likes it too. He's more romantic then me, I think. But I try to keep up. He is just good at surprising me when I'm NOT expecting. Like roses a couple of weeks ago or a certain love song set to come on at 11pm when we get in bed. He's very smooth. :)
I made a card with "I Love You" written in like 50 other languages. It was cute- but not my finest work. One year I made him a big clock card. On the outside it said, "If our relationship is lacking anything, it's more time with you." But the nerd didn't even look inside to read all the sweet things I had written until I told him to! What did he think? I made him a big clock, like Flava Flav?

Anyway- What to do this year??? I have some ideas (Thank Stephanie!!) but I can't reveal them here. I do have a small gift and a surprise... but that's all I can say. I have a lot more work to do. Stay tuned for "Ghost of Valentines Day Present" post tomorrow. :) And feel free to comment with ideas for everyone.


Katie said...

Can't wait! You guys are so cute together---I love all the cheesy stuff you've done for each other!

Kayelyn said...

Allen is really good at surprising me, too. Although we don't really do much for Valentine's past the little gifts we give each other. It's just too busy.

If you need help surprising Se-I'd be happy to help.

I love reading about the love affair you share with your handsome hubby.

Mel said...

I can relate to the "Valentines Day sucks" feeling!

It's neat hearing about how fun your relationship is with Sei! Can't wait to hear about what you have planned this year!

Suzanne said...

How fun! You guys do so many cute things for each other! :D