Saturday, March 31, 2007

Every Party Has a Pooper

Anna (in Tess's body): It's easy to be you. I'll just suck the fun out of everything.
(in Anna's body): I do not suck the fun out of everything.
(in Tess's body): Fun-sucker.

(Freaky Friday 2003)

I never realized this, but apparently I am a bubble-bursting, fun-sucker. I don't know how this happened. I used to think I was fun, but not anymore. Last nite someone (I won't name any names so I don't embarrass anyone or make anyone feel bad) who I am married to, was watching the Lakers game. Ok, I like basketball. And I've watched plenty of games with this person and enjoyed them a ton. But I am NOT a Lakers fan. At all. Not even a little bit. I can not stand Kobe Bryant. So, anyway... I was catchin' up on my blog-reading while this un-named person watched the game. Well, the game went into OT and I swear I am not exagerrating, every 15 seconds this person would say, "Oh- look!" or "Oh Tori, watch this!" And I'd turn around to watch whatever he wanted me to see. Well, the last time I turned around I guess my face was not excited enough because when I said, "What?" this person said, "Nevermind...." When I said, "Sorry. I thought that guy was just shooting a free throw..." I don't remember the whole 3 second exchange but it ended with "You always have to burst my bubble about anything I'm excited about. Anything."
Ouch. Big Ouch.
And this morning when I brought it up again he said the same thing stressing the word "Anything" extra hard. So, he hadn't just said it in the heat of the moment. He really feels that way.
Bigger Ouch.
I started thinking. And I guess I am not an overly excitable person. Been burned too many times, I guess. My sister-in-law is way, hyper excited. It's entertaining to listen to her tell a story because you know about 90% of it was exagerrated. My husband will get like that too. He'll be relaying a story his sister told him and he starts telling me and I guess I do- I burst his bubble. My face is like, "Whatever. Are you freakin' kidding me??" And I'll point out how there is no way his sister's version of the story is 100% fact because of this, this and this. His sister once told me that she and her husband planned their kids so that their 2 daughters had bdays close together and their 2 sons had bdays close together. That way all the clothes they had to hand-down were in the right season. Ok, how do you do that exactly? Plan your daughters and plan your sons. I understand planning babies, but planning their $ex too? Am I lame for calling her on that? I think some people would like me to be more like her. I'm just, not.
I guess I'm a rather logical person. I mean, I do get excited about things. I do- but I also realize when people are full of crap. And I also assume there is always more to the story. I think I got that from my dad. I remember telling him stuff I was all excited or worked up about and he'd be all calm or whatever and just wait to see what happened. I don't count my chickens before they hatch because I've had bad experiences with that. Does that make me lame? AM I fun-sucker? Ugh. I'm getting depressed. I'm just NOT the person to call and tell "Guess what MIGHT happen if all the things work out just right!!" I'm better to call AFTER all the things have worked out just right- otherwise I'll kinda hope for the best, but expect the worst. I'm a bubble-burster like that, I guess.
In my defense, I did listen to that same guy I was talking about earlier, tell me about his church basketball game last nite, that went into triple OT. I listened. And I was excited for him because they won and bummed I wasnt there. (I was at the BYU gymnastics meet with Izzy.) I even went as far as to say, "Oh man! I always miss all the good games! I'm so bummed!" I was also excited for this guy as he built his own business and finally got it up and running. And I was excited for this guy when he's had opportunities to share his musical talent. And when he got to go to Cali and surf- without me. I was excited to make him a Daddy of children that he doesn't have to share with anyone but me! I've been excited for/with him lots of times. I'm pretty sure I'm not as lame as I felt when he told me I "always burst his bubble." (*sniff *sniff)

Oh oh oh!!!! I just thought of another time I was excited: Last nite when the Houston Rockets beat the Lakers.

Word to your mother. (That just seemed like an appropriate ending.)


Toni said...

Funny! I wouldn't say you are a fun sucker, but a bull 'crap' detector. No one can plan the gender of their baby. I am with you on that one!

Vanilla Ice- Ahh... my youth....

Help I need a user name! said...

"God, I love Bowie."

-Dennis Miller on Saturday Night Live, regarding Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby." I know. Really obtuse comment. I just remember hearing Ice Ice Baby while a foam-esque Statue of Liberty fake-danced to the music, and then a perfect switch to a shot of Dennis Miller, dryly delivering the line above. It was so right-on, and so priceless. Why am I telling you this? I don't know, except nearly everyone I know who is married has had issues with their spouse this week, and I thought it might make you feel better. You guys SO totally love each other-I can tell. It will work out.

s--max said...

You crack me up & you are NOT a fun-sucker! The only reason he said "....anything" is b/c the wound was still fresh & he was pouting b/c his team lost. :-) You are one of the funnest people I've ever met & I'm sad that you're so far away now that I can only partake in that fun-ness(?)once or twice a year. & There's nothing wrong w/calling out people on their stories. The details make it a story, or a real experience. ;-)

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

You must be pretty enthused MOST of the time if he got upset on this one game while you were blogging. So if this is the first time he's called you on it like that, I am sure you are supportive and non-fun-sucking every other time, like you said. You get excited about his business, his basketball games, your kids, and whatever else that is related to your family.

I personally think it's funny that you are expected to be enthused about EvErYtHiNg. I can see that with a little kid ...well I guess grown men are like kids in a lot ways though. ;)

In love with my wife said...

Fun Sucker! Fun Sucker! Fun Sucker! In my defense, the only times i've ever felt super annoyed with my dear sweet fun sucking wife was when Texas beat USC, The Mavs beat the Lakers, and of course anytime the Lakers are playing and not winning and the smart butt comments start flying from that bubble bursting mouth. Or when my boys are winning and heaven forbid I get a little excited and want to share my excitement with somebody but my lil Laker fan Alec is already asleep. I knew I should have kept him up to watch the game with me. Tristan and Izzy are already Texas brainwashed but I will win Taj's Laker loyalty. Mark my word you lil fun sucker.
P.s. I love you!

tara said...

I am getting yelled at b/c I'm sitting here reading and LAUGHING OUT LOUD at your blog, and I should be watching conference- ahemmmmm! (How many times has this person who I WILL NOT NAME been in the room NOT watching or paying one IOTA of attention to GC (sleeping... no less?!)

I'll comment later.

Kayelyn said...

Tori, I hate Kobe Bryant, too. Is Bryan Russell still playing? I'd watch him, but NOT Kobe.

I always have fun around you and Se. He is just projecting his anger toward the Laker's poor performance on you. Why? Cause he feels safe with you. The words are his baggage, but the act is a HUGE compliment to you and your relationship. He wouldn't share that with you if he didn't feel safe enough to say it and know that you would still love him.

You two are the greatest.


Tori :) said...

Thanks for y'alls support. I knew I could count on you!

Dr. Kayelyn- How much do I owe you? ;)

In love with my wife - I love you too. :)

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

"Hi. I'm a sexy finger amputee who loves to wear white."

Kayelyn said...

No charge. It's all in the name of friendship.

What's the point of paying for all that education if you keep it all to yourself?

Stepherz said...

Such a great post, Tori! You are soooo funny!

Isn't Ice such a Hunk? Don't you just want to drool looking at that hott picture of him. What's up with the hair anyways? How much hairspray did that take!?

Suzanne said...

Tori, I don't think you're a fun sucker at all! :)

Lauren said...

HAHAHA...Tori, you are so funny! You are not a fun-sucker...I think you are cute.