Thursday, March 29, 2007

Show me a sign

Spongebob: Patrick, your
genius is showing!
Patrick: WHERE!??!

Livie- your genius is showing!! Ever since Livie was 4 months old I've been signing one sign consistantly with her- Milk. When she got a little older I started more signs - More, Done, Hot, No no. She has signed all of these signs -except for milk. What the?? She'll stand on the table and say while she signs "Sit." She tells me when she's done eating- without me asking first. She just signs it. I love it! But still, no milk. Anyway- the other morning I went to get her out of her crib and she's laying there, smiling of course, signing Milk. My baby wanted and was asking for MILK!! She can't say "Mom- can I have some milk?" but she can ask for it now without crying or whining. She just signs it!! YAY!! I am a HUGE believer in signing with babies. Taj is amazing. He can sign close to 200 signs and it helped soooo much when he was younger and is lots of fun now. If I couldn't understand what his 18 month old mouth was saying, he could sign to me that he wanted cheese or his ear hurt. That was awesome- he signed his ear hurt and I took him to the dr. He didn't have a fever or anything, but he had an ear infection. If he hadn't been able to sign I would never have known. He also could do his colors in sign earlier than any kids I met his age could say them. Same with animals. And now he signs with Liv. If she is ignoring him having trouble understanding what he's saying, he'll say "Mom, what's the sign for _______??" Like if he signs it she'll understand. :)

We own 13 Signing Time dvds and Livie enjoys them. But I truly enjoy signing, so that makes it fun to sign with my kids and to teach them. I am not fluent, although I know well over 500 signs. (I've never actually sat down and counted them...) I've never taken a class, so I don't know how to "speak" ASL and I'm positive if someone fluent was trying to sign with me, I'd be lost. But I love learning and will take classes when my babies are older.
Anyway- getting off subject. I just wanted to brag on Livie! I'm so glad it's finally sinking in. I'm so happy she's signing to communicate, not just to immitate what I'm doing. And she's speaking also- Sit, Hi, Bye, Alec, No, Momma... There's more, I just can't think of the words. Now that she's kinda figured out what I'm doing with my hands, I can start adding more signs. I am so excited! YAY for Livie! YAY for signs!

PS. Isabel is WAY into the BYU gymnastics team and she loves Aimee Walker Pond. Aimee is deaf and blind in her right eye. (She's not deaf in her right eye, only blind. That sounded weird when I read it.) It's amazing to watch her and so neat to "clap" in sign. We are going to the meet on Friday. :)


Lauren said...

I have been hearing a lot about "signing time." I am definately going to have my babies learn sign. I think it is so amazing! Thank you for sharing this blog with me!

Amanda said...

That is so exciting. After I had Megan my friend tried to convince me that signing was the way to go. She taught me a few things like: more, please, all done and a few others I can't remember. We used them a little bit. Every once in awhile she still will use one. So cute. I wish I would have done it more.

Suzanne said...

We have a couple of the Signing Time videos and I love them!

My son "J" didn't speak when he was young so we taught him sign language so he could tell us what he needed. Milk was the first one we taught him It was great to finally be able to meet his needs and it came so naturally to him!

I only do about 50-100 signs but we still do it together. "J" still always signs "thank you" when he says it. I love it! :D

Toni said...

That is great! I did signs with Luke, who didn't talk until he was 3.5. Sometimes I still do, not thinking. And he will when he's tired and cranky and I can't understand him!

Mel said...

We are big fans of "signing Time" as well. My older boys know 100's of signs. I'm convinced that Crew's receptive language far exceeds his expressive and so I feel like he gets what we are saying/signing but his little body doesn't cooperate with his brain and its frustrating for him. I wish my little sis could read your post because her year old son could use a temporary method of communication (other than arching back and crying/whining). Her DH is against sign language! What is that??? What... does he think that if his son learns to sign he won't learn to talk??? Crazy! I love it that the Signing Time videos are created for hearing children. It's so cool and very adorable to see little ones signing "milk" and "please". Way to go Liv!

No Cool Story said...

When I first came to the States and discovered how big signing is, I was floored, that's so awesome!
Way to go Livie!

I am real big on children not crying when asking for something (drives me nuts). I can totally see how signing would help them with their frustration.

PS; I love Patrick

Katie said...

Count me in for loving signing. My boys did a bit of it, mostly taught by their physical and speech therapists. We never did get the videos, but we checked out a bunch of books from the library.

Robin said...

Signing time should pay you for advertising! You totally sold me on signing. I wish I had done it earlier. Charlotte is not talking at all and has no way to communicate other than pointing and whining. Way to go Liv!

Tori :) said...

Robin- I didn't start signing with Taj until he was 14 months old. Give it a try!

swampbaby said...

You have re-motivated me to sign with the boys. Jayden knew tons, which helped so much. Jaxon didn't seem that interested but would do the basics like milk, eat, all done, etc. It's getting close for me to do it with Mason. I think the other boys I started around 7 months and by 9 or 10 months they were communicating with them.

Rachel Coleman said...

I am so glad thay your family is loving Signing Time! YEAH! Thank you for blogging about it too. Aimee's husband Derek worked on set as Leah's interpreter on Signing Time volumes 4, 5 and 6. Tell her "Hi!" from us!

I love that you said you have all 13 Signing Time DVD's, so many people will say they have all 3! LOL or All 6!