Monday, April 09, 2007

8 is great!

Isabel is 8 today!!!
Happy Birthday Izzy!!!

I is for Inquisitive. You've always asked questions.

S is for Strong. I envy your muscles.

A is for Athletic. You could take your pick of sports to kick butt in.

B is for Baptism!! You will be baptized in a couple of weeks!

E is for EXACTLY how I envisioned my daughter. (Except you're even more beautiful!!)

L is for fast Learner. You've always loved learning.

Have an awesome day my sweet Izzy!
You Rock!!
Love you.


Suzanne said...

How fun that Tristan and Isabel's birthdays are so close to each other! Although, maybe that makes it kind of stressful too. Fun posts! :)

Mel said...

Wow another birthday in your family! I love spring babies. Happy Birthday Izzy! The pics are beautiful.

Stepherz said...

Happy Birthday Isabel! She is a beautiful girl!

Toni said...

She is beautiful! Have a happy day!

s--max said...


Lauren said...

Happy Birthday Isabel! You look so adorable in your gymnastic outfit!

Kayelyn said...

Happy Birthday Isabel. I am so excited that you will be baptized. That will be a special day for you.

I love the picture of you with Mrs. Midgely. She is an awesome teacher.

No Cool Story said...

AWWW, Party! MAD Party at Tori's!
Happy Birthday Izzy!
She is gorgeous.

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

Agreed she is a beautiful girl! What a little woman! So exciting to witness another baptism! Way to go, Isabel!