Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Goodbyes SUCK

I thought of several movie quotes to use to open this post, but I couldn't find the right picture. Maybe next time...
Well, 8 days went by way too fast once again. Kelsea and Karlea left to go home to Canada. Goodbyes suck. BIG time. Karlea started crying in the middle of dinner Sunday nite. When I joked "Are you crying because you'll miss my awesome cooking??" she started crying harder. Poor baby!! Sei called from the airport so the girls could say bye to the other kids again and I could hear them both crying. Sei said they cried all the way to the airport and were crying uncontrollably, hanging on him as he tried to put them on the plane. It breaks my heart.
I know they are happy at their home. They have 2 little sisters and a younger brother there, but I can't believe how hard a time they have when they leave here. I know for a fact my kids do not cry and hang on my ex-husband when they leave Texas after summer visitation. They do, however, cry occasionally when I call them and they are homesick. I hate that. I guess I should be happy to know thatKelsea and Karlea truly love it here and have a great time. But I hate seeing them so upset. At Christmas they cried like 3 nites in a row because they knew it was almost time to go home. :(
Atleast I know a good time was had by all this week. There was the lemonade stand, the new trampoline, ginormous splinters, skateboarding, swimming, Easter egg hunts, 2 birthday parties, watching Isabel at gymnastics, catching a big snake, lunch at McDonalds... I like that when they come here we don't do all these "special" things because they are here. We do what we normally do. Sometimes we wait to do things until they come- like vacations or something. But for the most part "what you see is what you get." Sei is so not a "Disneyland Dad." He doesn't plan all these grand things for when K and K come. He wants them to see what real life at our house is like. I think that is why they love it so much. It's just real life- minus school. They play (and fight) with their siblings. They have chores. We go to church. We buy groceries. Nothing exciting. But they love it. And we love them.
Miss you already Kar and Kels.
See you in July.


Toni said...

Poor girls! Mine never cried when he went to his dads either! Glad you all had a great time!

The pictures are great!

Lauren said...

They are such beautiful girls. I am glad enjoy their visits so much! I am sad they cried though.

Mel said...

I love the awesome cooking comment that you made at dinner but not the fact that it made her cry harder:(

That is so cool that the girls love coming to visit. I'm so impressed with your ability to "blend" and be a family. Keep up the good work.

Suzanne said...

It must be so hard to have them go! Hopefully they will get to visit again soon! :)

Kayelyn said...

Girl- you rock. It has got to be hard for the girls. They are so cute. Shelby loved it when they came to visit, too, and she only saw them on Sunday!

It must feel wonderful to be the mom of the year!

txmommy said...

we have a blended family too, and it's just plain hard no matter what.

I'm glad they are happy in both homes, that's lucky kids for you:)

No Cool Story said...

:( yet :)
I envy you Tori, you have a good family.
And what txmommy said.

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

You are so awesome, Tori! I love how you do things. I love how you make everyone feel comfy in their own skin... especially your step-daughters. You just amaze me!