Thursday, April 19, 2007

It's an honor just to be nominated...

But I wanna WIN! I have generously nominated myself for the THE MAJOR AWARD! award. (Because I'm pretty sure no one else will.) I actually read about it on Toni's blog, because we're tight like that.

Why should I win??? Ok, 1st off- who WOULDN'T want the awesome leg lamp on their sidebar?? It would compliment mine almost as must as my "Toni Thinks I'm Special" button. :) (Yes- that is blatant brown nosing towards one of the judges.)

But for reals, why?? Ok, I haven't read ANY other blogs where people have posted:
  • U-G-L-Y pictures of themselves, their spouse and their off-spring asking for votes on the ugliest. Hoping to win. I didn't win.:( But my son did! :)
  • Videos of themselves attempting to do Playstation Dance, Dance Revolution.
  • Evolution pictures starting at birth, jr. high, and high school.
If the pics and videos aren't enough, I think for sure the fact that I have the coolest meeting/dating/marriage story ever!! Come on, how many people do YOU know that met online, knew each other for 6 weeks and eloped in Vegas???
I admit things like my husband came to bed with a bike helmet on and I am actually 30. I also admit to having a dream crush on Anthony Field aka "The Blue Wiggle."

All these things definitely make me the best candidate for the MAJOR AWARD! award. Don'tcha think?? IF not, I'm not above begging.


Nan said...

Sweet post! LOL! You *do* deserve a major award! ;^P Just make sure to edit your post so that there is a link back to the original award post so that your readers can know where to get one if they think they are worthy too. :^D (We shant hoard this award.)

Unless Toni already gave you the code, come hit "e-mail me" on my blog and I'll shoot the code for your award right back to ya!

Oh and I just have to say (again) what a BEAUTIFUL family you have!!

Tori :) said...

My bad. I thought I had linked the name of the award to your post... Alas, I did not. It's fixed now. :)

No Cool Story said...

After reading that I think you should get it.
I can't compete with the sweet Dance, Dance Revolutions moves you have.

Dana said...

I agree with NCS, I con't even come close to competing with you!

Jennifer said...

Hey Tori,
I happened upon your blog today and I've really enjoyed reading through it! It's very interesting and you have a beautiful family! I loved your story about meeting your husband!

Enjoy your Major Blog Award!


Kayelyn said...


So how do we vote for ya'll?

I clicked the link, but it was just for entering/nominating. I wanna vote for ya'll!

Mel said...

I followed the link to your meeting/dating story. I can't believe I missed it the first time:) What an awesome story and I love it when people elope and piss other people off. He He.

You totally deserve the award. Those ugly face pictures are the best!

Nan said...

Kayelyn... this award is about as easy an award to win as it can get! You just have to want it bad enough!
No voting necessary! But I think better than voting even is making a post on your blog about the person whom you think deserves it (even if they already won it.) :^D

(Oh and you can *so* nominate yourself too!)

swampbaby said...

I vote for you! How do we vote for you? You have the rockin'ist blog out there!

Stepherz said...

Your blog rocks; I totally think you deserve to win! The Wiggles confession is too funny! The Wiggles are awesome.

utmommy said...

You win!

Your blog is so fun to read.

Lauren said...

You definately win. Your blog is my favorite one to read!!! Oh, and your Junior Year High School picture is gorgeous!!! And the story of you and Sei is so adorable....