Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Weekend Report

This weekend we were lucky enough to go to St. George for Isabel's meet. Her meet made me sad. She did fine, but I think the drive down and her car sickness (she puked on the way there) took it's toll. She placed 3rd on floor and vault. But had a bum time with bars and beam. There was a team there from Las Vegas who were just kickin' butt all over the place. I finally asked a mom of one of the LV girls how many hours they went. She said "Well, 4 or 5 days a week from 4pm to 8pm. My daughter is about to start training on Saturdays also from 8 am to 1pm." ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!?!? 20+ hours for 7,8 9 year olds?? Poor girls. They deserved to sweep all the awards. Of course, if they hadn't been there Izzy would have placed 1st on floor and vault, but whatever. My daughter will eventually have b00bs and a husband. Their daughters will look 10 years old forever. So there!

I went wakeboarding for the 1st time this weekend. Sei's cousin took us out on his boat since it was 90 degrees there. I would so move to St. George. I've always loved that area. Anyway... we went out on the lake for about 6 hours. I wanted to try wakeboarding, so I got in the freezing cold water. And when I say "freezing," I mean, OH.MY.GOSH.

Patrick: "I'm so cold, I'm shivering."
Spongebob: "I'm so cold I can use my nose drippings as a pair of chopsticks."
Patrick: "I'm so cold, I'm shivering!!"
(Patrick and Spongebob in the episode 'Survival of the Idiots')

The 1st time I jumped in, it totally took my breath away. I felt bad because I had laughed at Alec when he cried after jumping in. I am horrible. I apologized to him after I felt how cold it really was. My poor 65 pound son!! I really had a hard time talking, it was so cold. The 2nd time I got in- yes, I got in again- I had to laugh to just to keep from crying. I was so cold I couldn't pee. And I SO wanted to pee. It would have warmed me up. Sounds gross, but if you're every freezing you will want to pee on yourself too! Soooo cold. Anyway.... we had an awesome time. Everyone did. Even Liv was happy on the boat. We went to a little beach area and all the kids were in heaven. It was one of the best weekends I've had. I hadn't been out on a boat since I was like 14! It was a much needed "vacation" even though it was only 24 hours. I was so happy to spend that time with my family. And I really loved Sei's cousin and his wife and their sweet kiddos.
Here's a montage (you knew it was coming!!) of Sei and I wakeboarding. It's about 3 1/2 minutes. You have to watch the whole thing because I'm in the 2nd half and believe me- it's very entertaining. ;) Oh, and FYI- the clips of Sei are totally shortened. He stayed up. The clips of me, well, they aren't shortened even though they are shorter than Sei's!!


Toni said...

I loved the video! Looks like you guys had fun!

Hum, thought childhood was when you were suppose to be a child? Guess if you are one of the LV kids at the meet, it's not! Those poor kids!

Mel said...

Loved the video! I've never wake-boarded before... you are so cool!

It really is sad how much some parents push their kiddos at such a young age. 20+ hours a week is too much... in my opinion:)

tara said...

Getting up is the hardest part! I've always had such weak legs! My uncle used to start practically doing circles to try and knock me off the tube, or the board where you ride on your knees (it's been so long I don't remember what it's called). I would love a boat!

And I've got to say... admitting that you'd pee on yourself to get warm, now that takes some Brawn! You're so cool Tori! (who wouldn't, right? but I wouldn't admit it!)

... and yeah, 20 hours a week! I say way to go Isabel! Enjoy being a kid, but you do kick butt at your meets!

Robin said...

You did great on the wakeboard! I love wakeboarding, but can't do much besides cross the wake and maybe tiny little jumps. Trent and his brother can do flips and all kinds of cool tricks- I'll get video this summer. A couple years ago at Lake Powell Trent's 70 yr old grandma got up on the wakeboard- I was totally amazed.

utmommy said...

I've always wanted to try that. Looks hard. Sounds like is was a great weekend.

I can't imagine having my little 7 year old practice for 20 hours a week. Poor things.

utmommy said...

I'm not changing my vote if you don't care. I love your blog, and hey it's cool to get nominated twice:)

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

What a great weekend. That is certainly NUTSO that those little kids are practicing that many hours!

You all look great on the water! I miss the days we'd go out on the boat.

Amanda said...

Loved the b00bs and husband comment! LOL!

Cool video. THat looks really hard. I'm impressed that you got up. I imagine that you must be pretty sore.

JennaG said...

Sorry about your daughter's meet--I wish she had felt better. You are too brave for me--water scares me just a tad--I could never do it.

Stepherz said...

You rock, Tori! I love how fun loving and spunky you are! I'm a water wimp. I can't stand being cold in water. Now if it's warm like NC water, I'm all over water skiing and such! I love water sports.

I'm so impressed!

Kayelyn said...

Water freaks me out since I don't swim. You so rock! You let your videos be published on the web!

As a side note- I need the names of the LV children who are being robbed of their childhood. I am going to hunt down their mothers and give them the stats on kids and their emotional stability when they don't get to play!! JK- I don't have the time, but it does really tick me off.

No Cool Story said...

SEI is so cool! So very impressive (and plays the piano too).

Sorry about all the car sickness for Izzie :( That'd make it difficult to do all the events.
And ditto to what Kayelyn said, Izzi will have boobs and a husband, guaranteed!

s--max said...

Tell Isabel way to go on floor & vault. & the rest - she'll get 'em next time. I see that all the time in Ryan's baseball league. These parents don't even get that they're taking the fun out of it for the kids. Sad.
Way to go on the wakeboarding! You did good. Thanks for sharing the video. The pee part of your story made me LOL. Glad you had such a good time this weekend.