Wednesday, May 16, 2007

7 Minutes in Heaven

Jersey Mum (and several others) have done a 7 things about Me meme. I decided to take the challenge although I think I've told everything there is to tell about me!! But I'll give it a try. Here are 7 things you (or most of you) do not know about me:

  • I can out-burp my kids most of the time. But I get stage fright when Sei is around, so I can only mini-burp. I don't know why. It bugs.
  • I modeled in a JC P3nney's fashion show in the mall when I was about 9 or 10. I was sooooo uncomfortable.
  • I can add numbers in my head really quickly. Not like Rain Man quick. I can't count cards or anything. But I am really good at basic math. It must be because my dad's an accountant. ;)
  • I listen to talk radio. A lot. I still couldn't tell you anything about anything, but I listen. I was listening to The Doug Wright Show when I had my accident on Friday. Maybe I can sue... ;)
  • I just learned how to french braid Isabel's hair last summer. I practiced on my little sister over and over again. She was such a good sport. I'm still lame at it.
  • I step on the scale everytime I go to the bathroom. I don't know why. It only makes me grumpy to see that even though I peed 8 ounces the scale doesn't show that!! ;)
  • I still get jealous if I see a picture of my husband with another female. Like his prom picture with his date that had a monobrow like Bert. (Not like psycho-jealous, but I still feel that little jealous tug in my stomach.)

Ha ha ha ha ha
Tori! I dated him first!!


Mel said...

I've never learned how to french braid and I guess I never will since I only have boys! Good for you for learning.

I have issues with the scale as well and weigh every morning but not every time I use the bathroom although its tempting. LOL.

Dana said...

I modeled wet suits at an outdoor convention when I was 17. Now, THAT was uncomfortable!

tara said...

They say the best way not to gain weight is to weight once a day, that way if you put on a pound, you can be extra careful for the next day or two to work it off.

And you just gave me a really good idea for a blog post... stay tuned.

No Cool Story said...

"prom picture with his date that had a monobrow"..HAHAHAHAHA! Now, how can you be jealous of that? The poor girl :)
I've never heard of burping stage fright. Interesting.

wendy said...

I just bought a bathroom scale. Just this morning I weighed myself and it seemed a little high, so I took off my shoes and there was no change. Bummer.

Robin said...

I modeled in a JCPenny fashion show when I was 12 or 13. Weird. I hate seeing pictures of Trent with other girls!

utmommy said...

I step on the scale almost every morning and then get depressed. You'd think I'd do something to change that.

I still can't french braid, but I'd like to learn. Maybe if we ever meet up you can teach me:)

Anonymous said...

That's a great list! I used to weigh myself all the time. Now I don't even know where my scale is. And my hubby's prom date was at one of Goose's ball games a couple weeks ago. I'm skinnier and she's still stuck in the 80's (perm and all). Woo Hoo!

Amanda said...

I used to step on the scale everytime I went into the bathroom too. It was too depressing so I stopped.

In junior high I taught myself how to french braid my own hair. I can't however french braid someone elses. Actually being able to see their hair messes me up. Weird!?!

Funny about talk radio. I listen sometimes, but I don't get much out of it, besides I can't sing along!

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

LOL! I love your "sue" comment! You always crack me up! I used to weigh myself before and after using the bathroom too... never a difference, why?

s--max said...

I still get bugged when I think about Dana or Becky. That's so funny. I, like amanda, can french braid my hair, but not other peoples'. And, last but not least....I'll challenge you to a burping contest any day of the week!

Annie said...

i heart talk radio too.

Sean Hannity is the one who inspired me not to delete the nasty comments people would leave me, but to put them on my sidebar instead.

Toni said...

That is EXACTLY why I don't own a scale!