Friday, June 08, 2007

Day nites of the poor and unknown... RERUN

Original post date: May 7, 2006

Ok, I am now officially jealous of Robin. She is moving to Arizona soon and will be living close to family. Man, I miss that! I used to live within a mile or 2 of my parents. After my divorce I moved to Utah and married my soul mate. At the time I moved, my sister lived here. But then she left me in June 2003 to move to Oz. :( I miss having family around for lots of reasons: Built in friends, game nites, holidays and BABYSITTERS!! It's really hard to find (much less afford!) a sitter for 5 kids. And it's even harder to find time alone with my husband with 5 kids without leaving the house. The last 2 weekends we have had family in town. My mom was here for a week. During that time Seiuli and I were able to go out to dinner at Red Robin and then see the movie The Sentinel. It was so nice not to have to worry about the kids and to know we weren't going to go broke paying a sitter! This weekend my in-laws were here visiting. They babysat the kids Saturday evening. Sei and I picked up dinner and a dvd, then headed up to Squaw Peak. We brought blankets, a pillow and our portable dvd player. We ate in the back of Sei's truck and then put on the dvd Fun With Dick and Jane. We piled the blankets on top and just chilled. I guess we could have made out like a lot of the couples that go up there, but we're old and tired. ;) It was so nice. There was actually quite a bit of people up on the peak, but lying down in the back of the truck we totally would forget about anyone being there until we'd hear people talking or walking by the truck. It sounds kinda funny, but it was actually such a great date!! We enjoyed the time together and felt refreshed and ready to face church in the morning with a 2 1/2 year old that says he "needs to go potty!!" every 5 minutes and then crawls out of the chapel on his knees barking. Anyway- I highly recommend the homemade drive-in movie to all couples- even if you can afford to go to a real movie. It really was fun and pretty darn romantic.

Dinner at Costa Azul - $13
Drinks from Chevron - $2
Dvd from Redbox - $1
Getting thru an entire dvd without anyone asking for "Choc nilk" - Priceless


Leni said...

Boy howdy, do I identify with that. I about celebrated the day my oldest was old enough to babysit. We made it worth her while, cause it was really worth OUR while to pay her!

Mel said...

Good ole Squaw Peak! Thanks for the great date idea:)

No Cool Story said...

Old and tired is a tough combination :)
Soon you'll have kids old enough to babysit the younger ones for a while. It'll be great Tori!

utmommy said...

You're never too old to make out!!

Sounds like a great date! After you pay for a babysitter you can barely afford a date. I'm glad you guys got the chance for a built-in babysitter!!

DH and I just might have to have a date a Squaw Peak too! Thanks for the idea.

wendy said...

I love your date idea! We don't have a portable DVD, so we'd probably just skip to the making out!!!

Seriously - having a 12, er 13 year old has made this last year or so really fun - we've dated more this year than we have probably since we were in high school. Our favorite date, lately, is scuba diving. Fun!

Lauren said...

Sounds like a great date...too bad I'm not married.

Suzanne said...

How nice that you got some quality alone time with your hubby! I think your movie date sounds like so much fun! We don't have a portable DVD players, but I may be able to use my hubby's laptop to play movies.

I'll babysit your kids if you're ever up my way! :)

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I read this and I was like, "Date night? What's that? Is that getting together with people to eat dates? Like a wine tasting party only this is a date tasting party with Moroccan music playing in the background."

Stepherz said...

What an awesome date! ohhhhh, what I'd do for a few hours out of the house with only Jeremy and I. We get creative too, but there's nothing like just getting a few hours away! We haven't been out on a date since Bella was 9 months old. This was about the time Noah was conceived. Hmmmm, maybe date night can be trouble too :-) .

Terry said...

Your date sounds so fun! But, my favorite part was how your 2 1/2 year old crawls out of Sacrament Meeting barking like a dog!!! LOL! I love it. I am so relieved I am not the only one who struggles with this stuff. Two weeks ago my 2 1/2 year old practically shouted, "Yay! Daddy, they're finished," when a baptism confirmation ended.

David said...

My wife (Terry)just tried to distract from the real issue: Squaw Peak. I think she didn't want people to know that the last time we went to Squaw Peak we had so much fun making out that the car radio ran the battery dead! We were still engaged and didn't want any of our roommates to know we had been up at Squaw Peak (how embarrassing!)like all the Freshmen! So, I went car to car knocking on windows trying to find someone with jumper cables :) I don't remember how many people I interrupted before I found someone with jumper cables.

Ah. Good times! ;)