Sunday, June 10, 2007

Evolution of Me: The Mutation Rerun

Original postdate: June 16, 2006
4th thru 7th grade
Ok, The Evolution of Me: Part one had the cute pictures. This is where it all starts goin' downhill. Stop laughing- big purple glasses were SO COOL in the 80's!! (But then again, so were tight rolled jeans and big bangs.) Oh- funny story: See how short my hair is in the 6th grade? Well, I ran in the YMCA track meet that year. In the mile race I was kickin' some serious butt. Like lapping the other girls- and most of the guys. I crossed the finish line and they handed me a pink 6th place ribbon. I had finished 6th out of everyone in the meet. Then like 5 minutes later people start cheering and I see a little girl in a black leotard cross the finish line. They hand her a blue 1st place ribbon. They thought she was the 1st girl!! I had finished 6th overall and I was really the 1st girl. My mom and I went and told the judges. They gave me a new 1st place ribbon to go with my 6th overall ribbon, but they never told that other black leotard girl that she was actually the 2nd girl and like freakin' WAY behind me! They also only listed the top 6 in the newspaper- not the 1st, 2nd and 3rd for each gender. Still a little bugged about that... Anyway- moral of the story- if you have short, sweaty hair, no make up and no boobs people are gonna think you're a boy!>
4th grade- before I got glasses

5th grade - about 10 yrs old

6th grade - not quite 12 yrs old

7th grade - 12 yrs

End of 7th grade- 13 yrs old


Stepherz said...

My hair looked just like yours in that last picture! So funny. The 90's were awesome.

My grandma wouldn't let me wear hoopy type earrings though. Your parents must have been so cool!

I also had the big glasses when I was in 8th grade. They were red though, like Sally Jessie Raphael. I was such a dork...

Lauren said...

That track meet story is heinous! hahaha...

wendy said...

Why? Why did our mothers let us get such big glasses? Thank heavens for contacts!

The track meet is cracking me up!

Amanda said...

I've been wearing glasses or contacts since I was 8 years old. Plus I've had my share of short hair cuts, what was my mom thinking!? My mom took me to get my haircut one time and I left looking like a boy. I've been forever scarred by that single event and the resulting comments and remarks by insensitive kids at school.

Luckily all thost painful memories are behind me! :D

Kimberly said...

This is such a great idea! As soon as we get a scanner I'm stealing it! The idea...umm...not the scanner.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Looking back, are you sorry that you wore a shirt that said 'Coconut Club' across the boobs? That's just inviting immature jokes. I'm refraining from doing that to you because I'm such a good friend. :)

I got a sucky home perm in 6th grade. It wasn't pretty. At all. That's how I got the lifelong nickname of FIFI from my Mom. That was after she got done laughing at her home beauty parlor handiwork.

No Cool Story said...

I bet I said this already: I had HUGE purple glasses, the were Teh Hot.

short, sweaty hair, no make up and no boobs people are gonna think you're a boy!. We've had similar rough experiences Tori. Interesante.