Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Evoluton of Me: Part 1 Rerrun

Original post date: June 14, 2006

Newborn - 3rd Grade
I'm missing a couple of pictures because I could only find 8 x 10s and I didn't want to have to bring those home from Texas. There's a funny one in the 2nd grade where I have Cindy Brady pigtails and I'm making the ugliest face. Darn- too bad it was too big... Stay tuned. This is a "to be continued" post!!

About 6 weeks

14 months

Center about 4 yrs. old

1st grade- this totally looks like Alec and Isabel

3rd Grade - about 9 yrs old


Stepherz said...

Awwww! You were (and are) such a cutie. I love old pics. Sachi (see my blogroll) just posted pics from her childhood too. It must be in the air... I might have to pull out some old albums.

Lauren said...

cutest pictures!