Saturday, June 23, 2007

Good Mail Galore

Did you know I rock?? And I've got me some Pop Rocks to prove it! Thank you Mel!!

Carronin was in Utah and will be back for the awesome BLOG-FEST!! (Right Carronin???) Thanks so much for the cute card that Liv picked all the flowers off of!

This just in.... Isaura (who I envy because she lives in Texas....) sent me a cute, cute set of cards which I promptly used to send my kiddos in Texas some sweeeet Good Mail! Thanks Isaura!

*If you've been under a rock and haven't heard about the Utah Blog-Fest please email me for info... Also, keep checking your mail boxes. I'm mailing off a batch of Good Mail today!!


No Cool Story said...

YAY!! SO much good mail fun :D

Lauren said...

You TOTALLY rock!

I wish I could go to the Blog-Fest Party :(

utmommy said...

Okay, I've totally got to get in on this good mail thing!

How Fun!

Mel said...

Those are some cute cards! I hope you are feeling special right now:)

annie said...

You rock Tori!
goodmail rocks too!

Heffalump said...

Thanks for the goodmail postcard you sent me from Texas! I enjoyed getting it, and I will be adding the recipe to my collection.
Just two and a half weeks until you get to see your big kids! You are more than halfway through!

Stepherz said...

You do so totally rock, Tori! I got your Good Mail Girl Package today and it made me smile & smile!! I showed it to everyone who would let me. I have your magnet on my fridge! Thank you!