Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Me, me and meme

Tarrie tagged me yesterday for another meme. So, without further adieu, I present you with a meme about... well, ME!

8 random things about me. The Rules: Players start with 8 random facts about themselves. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts. Players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged.
**This one is hard for me because all I do is blog about random things about myself, but I'll see what I can come up with!
1. I met Donnie Wahlberg from NKOTB on Jan. 20, 1990. It was after seeing them in concert. My friend's mom had a nephew working security at the concert and he told us that contrary to the rumor going around, the band was not going straight to the airport. They were actually staying at The Waterford Inn in Oklahoma City. We went there and waited outside in our car and up pulled 3 limos. By the time I ran up there I saw the elevator close with Danny Wood inside. Then Donnie got out of a limo and came over to me, my sister, my friend and her little sister. I had envisioned this happening to me and had it all planned out how cool I would be. I so WAS NOT cool. I cried and cried and said, "I LOVE YOU!!" all stupid. Donnie hugged me and whispered "It's ok. Come up to my room..." Just kidding. Just checking to see if you're paying attention!! He actually said, "It's ok. It's ok..." as he rubbed my back. I kissed him about an inch from his lips. You have to admit: He was cute.

2. I was the leading scorer on our Relief Society (women's church group) basketball team. That doesn't say a whole lot, but I was proud of myself. One game we were playing a spanish-speaking team and they kept yelling "Catorce!" at each other. That means "14" which was the number I was wearing. Eventually they put one woman on me to follow me anywhere I went while the rest of the team played zone. She wore me out, but it made me feel good that they felt they needed someone to follow me around. :)
3. I had never been to California until after I married Sei. I had been to Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona... just never over to Cali.
4. I don't like crickets. They jump. But I do remember once my sister killed one in our bathroom sink with rubbing alcohol. (I don't know why that was the choice of murder weapon...) I felt that was a really slow, mean way to kill it, so I felt bad!! I ended up burying it in a card box in the backyard.
5. I refuse to pee in the bathroom while Sei is in the shower or whatever. I won't do it. I used to turn on the faucet while I peed because I didn't want anyone to hear me.
6. When Sei wants to piss me off he reminds me that my parent's screwed me out of a "Native Texan" birthrite by having me in Denver, Colorado. I was conceived in Galveston though... and lived in Texas for.ever.
7. I've seen Clear and Present Danger probably 200 times. When Tristan was a baby I moved to Tyler, Texas to go to school and C & P D came on HBO, or whatever channel, over and over again. I was bored and lonely, so I watched it... over and over again. Funny thing is, the channel didn't come in clear. I watched it on a fuzzy channel! Can you say LOSER!?!? Now Sei says he can't watch it with me because I can quote it almost word for word.

8. The 1st time someone gave me "The bird", "You know, the finger" (Top Gun) I was at the skating rink in the 2nd grade. A boy did it because I fell down in front of him. The next morning I woke up my mom to ask her what it meant. I'm sure she was surprised to wake up being flipped off by her 7 year old....
And there you have it. A wonderful Meme about your's truly. I'm suppose to tag 8 people, but I'm being lazy. So, if you'd like to participate- consider yourself tagged. Let me know when you have your's posted.


    Help I need a user name! said...

    Can't live with 'em,
    Can't live without 'em.
    There's something
    about 'em.

    Dana said...

    After reading that 1st one, I am was trying to decide if I could continue reading your blog. Fortunately, you redeemed yourself with the other 7.

    No Cool Story said...

    5. I refuse to pee in the bathroom while Sei is in the shower or whatever. I have told DH that after 11 years or marriage, we are not "there" in our relationship, no way :P

    ...that my parent's screwed me out of a "Native Texan" birthrite by having me in Denver, Colorado. Oh, your husband is hilarious and naughty.

    This was a really cool meme!

    Amanda said...

    Very interesting. You become more and more fascinating as time goes on! :D

    After 10 years of marrige my husband still has to leave the bathroom before I can commence peeing. I think we should be beyond that at this point. Apparantly it grosses him out. Maybe I should be a little more sensitive. Nah!

    CHEL said...

    I totally turn on the faucet EVERY time I go pee!! That is hilarious. I figured I wasn't the only one, but have never heard any one admit it... ha!

    Suzanne said...

    Hahaha Tori! We're learning all these little secrets about you. LOL at the cricket! You must have felt pretty bad to bury it.

    I'm such a dork. I just realized that all these years I had Danny and Donny mixed up. When you said you'd kissed Donny I pictured the "uglier" one that no one liked when I was young. Now I realize that Donny was one of the hotter ones! LOL! :D

    Tarrie said...

    I have been curious as to how you got to kiss Donnie Wahlberg. The story of you crying reminds me of something... Did you see American Idol when that young girl started crying when she saw Sanjaya singing? Then he hugged her and she just bawled.

    I would be proud of the RS basketball thing too. I am not athletic at all, except once when I was 7 I won Limbo at the skating rink, and see I'm still proud 21 years later.

    Thats so cute that you turn the faucet on so no one hears you pee!

    elasticwaistbandlady said...

    I talk to Papi while using the toilet. Apparently, I have no shame left.

    First time I saw 'The Bird' was at the skating rink too! Ummmm, that would be Morris Day and The Time doing The Bird. That was the only dance dorky white girls like me could do with relish and pride.

    As a kid, I think HBO shoed "Somewhere In Time" every day, and I watched........every day. 10 year old kids should not be able to recite lines from such a sappy movie from memory.

    We try to herd crickets outside without harming them. They're good luck bugs like ladybugs. They also eat them in Mexico.

    I met Samuel L. Jackson at Hometown Buffet. He was eating a chicken fried steak and just looked at me while I gushed over him.

    David said...

    Tori, #6- I feel your pain. My parents, to this day, feud over where I was conceived. It is scarring enough to have that information and then when a supposedly loving spouse turns it against is just criminal!

    Isaura said...

    OH my, I was a major NKOTB fan. I went to like seven of their concerts. I'm still a little embarassed to admit that but it is very true. Jordan was my fave, too bad he's totally weird now.

    utmommy said...

    My friends' daughter stood at the top of the slide at school and proceeded to flip everyone off with both hands! She thought she was funny. I believe she was in 3rd grade at the time. Finally she stopped. Her mom found out what she had been doing and asked her daughter if she knew what she was doing. Her d then told her that she was just doing what she sees her (her mom) do every day when they are driving. LOL!!

    Corrie said...

    The peeing thing...

    When my friend first got married she'd turn on the bathtub every time. She said she didn't want it to sound like she was peeing on a rock. (I guess a waterfall is better?)