Saturday, June 02, 2007

Turn that frown upside down

Well, I am feeling a lot better today. Thanks to all of y'alls sweet, encouraging, supportive comments and phone calls (Sister!!) I also received some awesome Good Mail this week that has helped brighten my mood immensely. I haven't done very well at documenting Good Mail, so I will do better!! ** If you haven't signed up for Good Mail yet, you should!! Contact Annie!!

This package was from
ElasticWaistBandLady- the one and only!! It including a very touching card about making new friends (because they are silver) yet keeping the old because they are gold. I'm getting all teary eyed... ;) She also made me a sweeeeet cd with rad songs like "Satelite" by Guster which she claims will give me "street cred at the Gap." AWESOME!! Her package also included some cute cards and yes, EWBL, I love "ewes" too! I used one of these cards to send a note to my kiddos in Texas!! I told them I miss them "baaaaad." Get it??? Please note the awesome envelope decor.

This card came from Catherine. She's went to The Museum of Automobiles for a Memorial Day vacation and thought of me!! Thanks Catherine!! Sadly I don't have a blog to direct you to for Catherine...

This card arrived on Friday from Heffalump. It included a packet of seed that I know Taj will enjoy helping me plant! Heffalump said that maybe lots of Good Mail will distract me, so BRING IT ON!!!!

Edited to add: STOP THE PRESS!!! This just in!!!

This arrived today from SoDak! Address labels for my good mail, a "Good Stuff" notebook with pages labeled for "Blogworthy" notes or books to read, etc..., an origami heart and instructions to make an origami whale- which I promptly did. And Taj's favorite- feathers!! Thanks SoDak!!

This isn't "Good Mail", but it is good text from my babies!! I received this one this morning. (Apparently the date is wrong on my camera...) "Good Morning from Texas. Miss you. Say hi to the rest of the gang for me." This is just one of many texts! YAY!! I bought Isabel a tshirt at Walmart for her to take to Texas with her, so she can think of me. It says "bff :)" It will remind her of the commercial I am constantly quoting. So... before I close this post with my commercial, let me say THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH again for turning my frown upside down!! :)


No Cool Story said...

Good Mail sent from Heaven!! :D
Aren't OLFs the best? Look at all the love you got via the USPS.

And a text message from the kids, can't beat that if you ask me. Hooray!

I love that commerical, the mom at the end saying "paying this bill! that's what is ..t..ney eff!". Awesome.

txmommy said...

yeah for good mail!

I hope your 6 weeks go by quickly.

Toni said...

I want in on this good mail! Glad you are feeling better! At least the kids are able to keep in touch with you!

Help I need a user name! said...

In case you don't visit my blog again, here's my response to your comment...

You're welcome. There are some big differences. And hey, at least I know you believe me when I say that they are different!

I'm glad, too! I hope you're doing okay with your kids away. You're in my prayers.

I absolutely LOVE that commercial. I love the part about TISNF!!!!

annie said...

Hey Tori,
Looks like overflowing blessings of good mail for you! yeah!
I'm glad you had the distraction from missing the kiddos.
I hope you have a great weekend!

Amanda said...

Hurray for good mail! Glad to hear it brightened your day! How fun to get a text message from your kiddos too. :D

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I'm impressed with your kids and their texting skillz. My 9 year old son calls it TEX-MEXaging. :) I got Good Mail yesterday from a new chick named Isaura that not only lives in Houston but her mom is in my ward. How freaky is that?!!??

By the way, that card I sent made me feel so gushy and weird that I had to rush out to Wal-Mart and stock back up on some black notecards. I put little smiley faces on them to liven up the darkness though, because I'm like a little ray of sunshine.

s--max said...

Glad you're feeling better! :)

Millie said...

Yay for Good Mail! I need to send some out. I received two things yesterday. That car postcard looks familiar. ;)

Dana said...

Glad the kids are doing well.

I love that commercial too!