Monday, July 23, 2007

Another "I'm Warped" post

Thank you all for your "Get Well Wishes." I am feeling about 90% back to normal, so that's a huge improvement. Kelsea and Isabel are outside playing as I type. So- YAY!

Ok, now for the reason for my title. Sei and I rented the Sandra Bullock movie "Premonition." I admit, I can be an obnoxious person to watch a movie with. If I've seen it before then I'm quoting it the entire time and if I haven't seen it and I don't understand it I am totally irritated and asking questions. I didn't get "Premonition." The whole time I was trying to put all the pieces together and when I finally did (SPOILER)- her freakin' husband died anyway and it was her fault because she told him to turn around. Whaaa??? That sucked, but that's not the part that bothered me the most. I was so disturbed by this movie that I was crying- hard- afterwards. Why? Because her husband was on his way to meet a woman he planned to have an affair with and on his way there he realized he was stupid, called the chick and told her he wasn't coming, called his wife to tell her he loved her, then he died. I'm probably just confusing you, just as I was confusing Sei as I laid there and cried- hard. It's no secret that I am easily warped by movies. But this one depressed me. I'll do my best to explain...

As I laid there after watching that stupid movie all I could think about was 2 things: 1) I don't think I could live if Sei died. 2) I think I would rather him die than to learn he was cheating on me.
I've never made it a secret that my 1st husband cheated on me- a bunch of times with the same woman (and possibly with others before her). So, I know how I felt then. But I also know I love Sei so much more and in a different way than I've ever loved anyone in my life. I wouldn't want to know what it would feel like to learn something like that about Seiuli. I know I won't ever have to. I truly trust him with ALL my heart. I know he loves me. He shows me & tells me continuously each day. So, really this is a non-issue that my warped brain makes an issue.
I can honestly say I hold nothing against my ex for cheating on me. What good would it do to waste energy on that? My issues with him stem directly from his role as a parent. But I hate that his actions changed me in such a way that even when I try my hardest not to think EVERY woman in the world is out to steal my husband, I still do think that. (Well, not EVERY woman. Just any that come in contact with my husband. haha)
I guess I don't really have a point. It was just another lame movie where the guy sucked. I mean, yes, his marriage was kinda crappy, but that's still not the way to "fix it." Duh. And then to top it off- on Army Wives, Roland full on cheated on his wife in a steamy love scene. :( Bad! Bad Roland!!! (Even though I think your wife if lame, you still DON'T CHEAT!!)


Kayelyn and clan said...

I hate movies that make me doubt my relationships. I usually end up dreaming about them and then having to sort it all out when I awaken.

Tell Sei, I said to get well soon.

JennieBoo said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better. 90% is an A!

As for that movie, it saw it in the theater and had the same impression. GAG!...oops sorry.

I didn't like the ending, either.


Suzanne said...

I'm glad you told me that this movie stinks. I love Sandra Bullock so I was thinking about seeing it. What a horrible ending! I just like happy endings. Maybe I'm naive, but I do.

I'm effected by movies too. I don't think that's weird at all. Especially movies that hit a nerve and it sounds like this one did with you.

I'm glad you're feeling almost better! I haven't heard from you-know-who yet, but I'm thinking things are going to be just fine so no worries! :)

Abbie said...

Oh man, I HATE movies that involve cheating. It makes me sick cause I think I'm like you and I apply it to my own relationship.

Nancy Face said...

I'm so sorry that stupid stinkin' movie put you through all of that. I HATE that kind of movie...thanks for the warning! I've always loved the sappy, wonderful, happy-ending kind of movies like "The Lake House" or "While You Were Sleeping" or "Miss Congeniality" also starring beautiful Sandra Bullock! :)

Soooo glad you're better! :)

Lauren said...

Ugh! I hate cheating people. I'm sorry you ever had to go through that.

I am also glad I read this blog...I will now NOT see Premonition, it sounds retarded.

heidi lou said...

you're too amazing to have had to go through that, i'm sorry you did.
but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger right? :)
and no, i wear no helmet.
i'm 17, i'm too hardcore.haha

wendy said...

I hate movies based on a cheating husband (ie Finding Neverland.) I did like Spanglish because he made a choice not to.

I was going to add premonition to my netflix list, but I think I won't.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

"Premonition" looked good in the previews and I'm glad my relationship with it didn't go any farther than that.

I LOVED "Finding Neverland" because it was Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet and that makes cheating on your wife totally OK. ;)

Lisa said...

I'm lame. I didn't read the spoiler because I still want to see that movie. I figured it was stupid since it didn't last long in the theaters. Oh well. Thanks for the warning!
Glad you are feeling better!

Mel said...

I saw it in the theaters. It was lame. I'm sorry that it upset you. I usually love Sandra Bullock but that movie was just way too depressing.

Hope you are on the mend.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Guilty Pleasure Alert Time!!!1

I LOVE that show 'Cheaters.' When Papi's flipping stations and he goes past it, I get all excited and scream "OOO OO OOO TURN IT BACK! TURN IT BACK!" I even watch the one in Spanish because they film it in Houston.

We don't regularly watch TV so its not like I know what time its on, but I watch when I stumble across it. But maybe thats only because I've never once see Papi do so much as an up-and-down eye stare thing at a pretty girl in 13 years so I feel fairly confident.

Help I need a user name! said...

I am also REALLY affected by movies. I have to be REALLY careful of what I see, and so I'm irritating in that I ask anyone who's seen it before me if anyone is tortured or dies or whatever. 'Cause I don't want to pay to see a movie and then be depressed afterward. I think real life can be depressing enough...when I pay to be entertained, I want to laugh or think about something in a different way...not see horrific or depressing things. I'm a real peach!

Sorry it made you cry.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for saving me 2 hours! I really wanted to see that movie becuase it looked good, but that ending would have annoyed me sooooo bad!

And I know what you mean about the cheating thing. I totally trust my husband - and I have never totally trusted another human being. So, if I found out that he was cheating, not only would it hurt beyond belief, but I think it would make me question everything. My warped mind ponders these things occasionally too. :o)