Friday, July 13, 2007

Full House

Welp, ALL the kids are here. FINALLY. (Happy dance!!) But not without a few bumps along the way. Kelsea and Karlea actually arrived 10 minutes early, so that was nice. But there are few Tad Award winners involved in getting Tristan, Alec and Isabel home.

Dear Southwest Airlines,
I'm sorry that you overbooked my children's flight home by 7 people. But, that is not MY fault. I understand that 7 people had to be bumped off the flight. Fine. But how does it make sense to bump a 12 year old who is traveling with his 8 and 10 year old siblings & no adult? Why not bump a guy traveling by himself? Was every effort really made to get my son on that flight? Or was the man who brought them to the airport more than happy to take your travel voucher and book them on the last flight of the day, that had 2 stops? I am not impressed with your lack of service, but since I was not there to see if the man who brought my children to the airport was assertive in any form or fashion, I will not hold you totally responsible. But I will also avoid sending my children on a flight provided by SW ever again.
Tori :(

Dear Person Who I Have No idea How I Was Ever Married to You,
When an airline tries to bump your child off a flight, you need to fight. I realize it didn't really inconvenience you any, but considering all 3 of the children started to cry when they realized they couldn't go home yet, you maybe should have made more of an effort. Did you really think having them fly home on the last flight of the nite was a great idea? What if something had happened at one of their 2 stops and they were stuck in another city in another state by themselves? Not to mention they arrived at 1:10 AM and were sooooo worn out. Poor babies. Also, why didn't Tristan have his cell phone with him? Why was it packed in his suitcase? I realize you like to practice the whole "I respect their decision even if it's wrong" parenting technique, but that's because you have no idea how to parent. There are times when you need to say "That's not a great idea...." and guide them in the right direction. I realize it was a phone that Sei and I gave him, but you do realize YOU could have called him during their long, 2 stop trip home to make sure they were safe, right? Instead, NO ONE could get a hold of them. So, thanks for that. Oh & when luggage is going to arrive 12 hours before the people that belong to it will arrive, you should probably TELL ME! I'm lucky I accidently made you mention something about baggage claim tickets. How would I have known that although the kids didn't make it on the 9:20am flight, their luggage did? Kinda important information to have. And for future reference, please don't have my 12 year old call to try to explain anything important to me. You're the adult (by default) so you should call. And if I text you to ask if the kids left on time CALL ME BACK. Don't tell Tristan to tell me not to text you anymore. I'll mail you a freakin' nickel to cover the costs.
Thanks so much for the plastic bag filled with 3 pairs of mud-caked shoes that was packed inside Alec's suitcase. I understand the children got them muddy while fishing- three days before coming home. Would it have really killed you to wash them for me instead of sending them home for me to wash? (Not to mention it made all the clothes packed in the suitcase STINK!!) I've had my fair share of mud-caked shoes to clean. You like to play "parent" for 6 weeks in the summer. Cleaning muddy shoes is part of the deal.
Everytime I tried to approach any subject with you about anything you'd say "Well, I was just respecting (fill in child's name here) wishes..." or "I just respected their decision..." That gets old and most the time you were just shifting blame. I know it's hard for you but you really need to MAN UP. During those 6 weeks I need you to do your best to impersonate a parent. Ok?
And if I call and leave message for the kids I shouldn't have to call back 4 more times before I finally get a call back. And if I am paying for the cell phone for the kids, there is no reason they should find it in your backpack, on silent. If you really "found" it like you told them you did when they discovered it hidden, why did you answer "It's not my problem..." when they asked if you had seen their phone?
I could go on and on, but what good would it do? I'm just glad the kids are home and that I don't have to deal with you until Christmas- for 4 days. I can handle that. Congrats on being the only 2 time winner of the Tad Award.
Tori :(

I really am happy to have the kids home, but getting them here was ridiculous!!! Oh- I was excited to run into Emily at the airport. I'm glad you recognized me because I am so NOT observant. How random was that?? :)


s--max said...

Woo-hoo!!! 1st comment. Look at me go! Okay ~ now it's too much pressure. It has to be a perfect comment. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!
(okay breakdown over)
I'm so glad the kids all made it safely. I'm so sorry for everything y'all had to go through. & I'm sorry that you have to deal with such a dumb a%&! Loved your letter to "him" though. Ugghhh! FLIPPIN' IDIOT!!! Again - I'll hunt him down if you want me to. Just say the word. At least you can breathe now ~ cherish your time w/your kiddos!

Emily said...

Your ex deserves a kick in the ass more than another Tad award.
Fun running into you, too bad we were both in mega-stress mode.

palmtreefanatic said...

Great song of the day! I love love Cyndi Lauper!

Glad to hear your kids are all back home safe and sound :)
Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

HOLY CRAP!!!!! HOLY CRAP!!!! HOLY CRAP!!!! Is that man still sucking air in and out????? I would have flown back and killed him!!!!!! Is he absolutely kidding????? I'll kick the flippin' crap out of that moron if you'd like. Does he live near me???? I'm sure one of us lives close enough to take care of that for you. You just say the word.

PS....thanks for the card and recipe.

HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!

Dana said...

Anyone that can win the TAD Award twice deserves a visit from the Texas Mofia!

So glad your kids made it home safely.

Rhonda said...

Hi! Came by via a link from Toni at Special K Family.

The letter to your ex is hysterical. If he happens to live in Texas, I would be happy to go kick his ass for you next time he pulls that crap.

Mel said...

I'm so sorry that you have to deal with that man! What a freakin idiot. What is he thinking putting the kids on such a long, late flight! Aarghh!

I've heard one too many SW stories within the last couple weeks. Can you say, "LOSERS". My friend was kicked off her flight because they would not let her 8-year old son hold one of her twins (6-months old) on his lap and they would not let her hold both of them. Dumb! Shouldn't the mother be the one to decide who holds her babies. So the 8-year old flew alone and now she has to drive to AZ. And when she booked her 4 1/2 year old and 6 year old to fly alone a week earlier SW said they could fly without an adult. She called twice and it was approved but come flight day they would not let the 4 year old fly so her DH had to fly with the kids at the last minute and then fly back home. What a stinkin pain in the butt. SW deserves a tad award too!

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

It sucks that he still has to be in your lives... what a complete bonehead! I hope "someone" is reading this post... cuz if you can't physically kick his A$$, it would be nice that he got this message.

Kayelyn said...

I think that all of us women and men in blog world need to take a SW flight to Texas and open a can whoopass a an idiot who calls himself a father.

When you mess with the cubs the whole pride comes after you!

I'll pay for my own ticket, too!!!

Yay for all the kids being home. Breathe. Play. and we can plan our revenge at blog fest!

Isaura said...

WOW sounds like Person Who U Have No idea How U were Ever Married to is really SMART!! what an idiot. i'm glad you posted that because i bet he or his (in)significant other are the stalkers who look at your blog for hours on end. And they have no huevos to post anything in their defense because they will get caught. Glad your kids are home A OK.

Stepherz said...

Wow. What a dude. The dirty shoe thing-- yucky. I'm just in awe. I'm thankful that Austin's dad and his wife are cool. Obviously it could be worse. Austin came home with fresh, clean clothes.

I'm so glad they are home and that you won't have to deal with another 6 week stint until next summer. Poor kids.

David said...

Wow, you are better than I am. You just give Tad Awards. I'd probably hop on a plane and....

I know that this doesn't apply to anyone who reads your blog, but there is 1 person out there (in Texas BTW) who if Terry would let me would be getting a whole lot more than a Tad Award from me:) Funny, it is related to a parenting thing as well!

Sorry to hijack!

CHEL said...

wow.. that is so lame. I totally sympathize with you dealing with lame ex's... You handled this much better than I would have.
I love the letter.

Nancy Face said...

I'm so sorry that a sweet person like you has to deal with such a stinkin' idiot! It would be great if he saw your letter, hehe! I'm glad your kids are safely home.

Lauren said...

What is it with this ignoramous of a man?! I will beat him up for you if you want...I can be your hit man, but you won't have to pay anything...I will do it for free.

Yay your kids are home safe!

And you are so lucky to see Emily!

Toni said...

Where in TX is this idiot? I will be PMSing in a couple of weeks, right before my vacation, so I could really use a human punching bag!

If he really 'respects their decisions.." will he respect their decision not to go back? Or for a much shorter time?

Davids dad may not be involved anymore, sometimes I hate that, but then I read this and I am SOOOO glad!

OneFullHouse said...

Oh Tori, I think your ex and my ex share the same amount of braincells. (I was just shaking my head the ENTIRE time that I read this)

Lucky that you won't have to deal with him for 6 more months. Yikes. Mine lives down the street:-(

I say we line both of them up and leave them somewhere. Alone. With their I.Q.'s they'll likely be too dumb to come back.


Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Tori, I hate to generalize, but your ex is an absolute dip.

So did the kids end up on the same flight, or get separated? Did I miss that part? I can't imagine SW being so retarded.

I LOOOOOOVED "Man Up." That one's a keeper.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Oh yeah - do your kids have to visit him?

b. said...

From someone who used to be that kid schlepped back and forth on planes, trains, and automobiles.....thanks for providing a different perspective.
Makes me feel bad for the kids =(
Glad they have a great mom, though.

Tori :) said...

Millie- They ended up on the same flight- just the last flight of the day. Legally they have to visit him until they are "old enough" to decide for themselves. I think in Texas you can be 12 and decide not to go. I'm fine with visitation, but 6 weeks is too freakin' long for everyone.

heidi lou said...

taht man sounds like a beast.
i don't like him at all.
but i loove you. :)

compulsive writer said...

Oh. My. Gosh. That's horrible. I think you are handling it very diplomatically. Glad you have a full house once again even though it got a little dicey.

No Cool Story said...

Man up Nancy!
Oh Tori, so not right. SW, what the heck? And your ex deserves a Lifetime Tad award.

Amanda said...

OMGoodness!! What an idiot! How miserable for the kids. I can't even believe that SW would consider splitting them up! What morons!!

So glad that they are home safe now where they belong!

Suzanne said...

Grrr...that makes me mad to see how poorly you and your kids were treated. Hopefully having the kids home has eased some of your stress, but I'm sure it's hard to make it go away completely.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Sadly, it sounds exactly like something my own dad would and did do. He has perpetual Peter Pan Syndrome, you see.

Yay for your kids being back!

aubrey said...

well at least the kids are back and in one piece, right?

Gretch said...

I want to kick his ass!! He doesn't deserve to be apart of their lives!! What a jerk and an idiot!!
I am sooooo sorrrrrry.
I am soooooooooo happy that you kidos are back!!!!